Our products

Frontier Vehicle Dismantling

Our complete stock control and invoicing system fully integrated with manufacturer part numbers. Reg search, sales, invoicing, ebay, web listings, it does it all.

Frontier Vehicle Salvage

Our complete salvage system that handles everything from uplifts through to selling, auctioning or disposal of vehicles, including insurance contracts.


Parts Procurement Platform integrated with parts suppliers for genuine new parts and OE equivalent parts

Frontier Touch Screen Dismantling

For your breaking bay so your dismantling team can receive, start, stop and finish all dismantling jobs. Full reporting including time breakdowns by dismantler.

Frontier Touch Screen Packaging

For the despatch bay so your packagers can receive all parts requiring picking, packing and despatching. Full reporting including time breakdowns by packager.

Frontier Dashboard

A simplified interface to show managers an overview of the current dismantling and packaging jobs and workloads outstanding with quick reassignment of jobs & tasks.

Frontier Recovery

An Android App that your recovery drivers use to receive jobs, updates and messages from you. Once a vehicle is recovered the data & images are beamed back to the office and available immediately in Frontier.

Frontier Signature

An Android App which captures electronic signatures at the counter to speed customer flow and store the signatures against the invoice. For both vehicles and parts sales.

Frontier Mobile

Your all in one App for both Salvage & Dismantling. Add parts, price parts, photograph parts & vehicles, find vehicle information, stock check and manage your salvage & dismantling operation from your tablet.

Frontier VISTA

An online portal that interfaces with Frontier desktop. For insurance companies, engineers and councils to manage their vehicles from creating collections to viewing images and full reporting.

Frontier Support

Get support & upgrades and gain access to our extensive online documentation with online video tutorials. We offer onsite and classroom training in all aspects of our products.


A touch screen system for self service yards that tracks customers arriving, departing and simplifies the checkout procedure.


An Android App and a delivery and collection planning application that automatically calculates ideal routes for your vans, tracks progress and keeps your customers informed along the way.

VOIP & Asterisk

A VoIP-based phone system uses your internet connection instead of dedicated telephone wires to place calls. This means that you can make any number of simultaneous calls without running out of lines - the only obstacle is how many employees you have.

Our technology

ELV & Scrap Car feature

Our Sell My Car website service captures thousands of ELVs for our customers to process, and the latest version also prices used vehicles using industry standard pricing tools including mileage and condition adjustments.

Registration lookups

Our unique registration number to parts service provides cutting-edge technology to our customers. Your website visitor simply enters their registration number and we can find all the specific matching and similar matching parts and vehicles, and present them in a friendly way to your customers.

Experian checks

A feature that uses reg numbers to look up vehicles and find out their history

Our services

Web hosting & SSL

We have dedicated servers for websites and can create, design and host your entire website. We also offer dedicated IP addresses and secure hosting of parts stores using SSL certificates. We can also register your domain name and take away all the hassle of keeping up with your website.

Buy Any Car & pricing feature

Buy Any Car is a fully customisable website that offers your customers online prices for ELVs and car sales. CAP pricing is available in Buy Any Car, and can be configured to offer a better price for newer vehicles. Older cars can get an ELV price. Purchases are electronically imported directly into

Payment integration solutions

We offer several payment solutions including PayPal, SagePay and Worldpay, some using full online accounts and some using simple one-click buy options


A web, App and intertrading site that lists all your parts and breakers, all searchable with registration number lookups and manufacturer part numbers.


A website that brings together all your salvage and auction vehicles for sale in one place with links through to your own website and auction.


Using a mini-PC and a TV screen, ScreenShark provides a continuous presentation to your customers waiting in reception. Includes any data available in your system.


Say hello to your automated weekly email service that automatically sends out your latest and greatest vehicles/parts/items for sale to your customers. SMS service also now available to send individual messages to your customers, or daily batch messages as well.


A website that lists all your tyres for sale, new and part-worn, all searchable by either registration number or by size/width/radius combination.

Frontier MyDataShark

Real time status screens which pull data from your desktop system. Show what's happening in your organisation and plot trends and comparisons with the built in graphing capabilities. Also available on your phone or tablet.


A website that lists all your wheels for sale, searchable by registration number, size, manufacturer and model.

About us

Established in 1997, DH Systems is the leading provider of software solutions for the vehicle salvage and vehicle dismantling industries in the UK. Our core products are Frontier Salvage and Frontier Dismantling. Salvage manages your vehicles from the moment recovery is requested to the moment they are sold or scrapped and Dismantling is the full sales and stock control system for your parts, now with manufacturer part numbers and prices integrated into the desktop.
We continue to expand and now have separate application, web and support teams. We continue to invest to strengthen and upgrade our infrastructure to satisfy the continuing increase in demand. DH Systems is the power behind many leading vehicle websites. We use our specialist knowledge of vehicles and the industry to create websites tailored to our customers' needs. We provide customer facing iPhone, iPad and Android Apps and now have a range of Android Apps to compliment our desktop system. Managing your vehicles, parts and sites has never been easier.