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Established in 1997, DH Systems is the leading provider of software solutions for the vehicle salvage and vehicle dismantling industries in the UK. Our core products are Frontier Vehicle Salvage and Frontier Vehicle Dismantling. Salvage manages your vehicles from the moment recovery is requested to the moment they are sold or scrapped and Dismantling is the full sales and stock control system for your parts, now with manufacturer part numbers and prices integrated into the desktop.

We continue to expand and now have separate application, web and support teams. We continue to invest to strengthen and upgrade our infrastructure to satisfy the continuing increase in demand.

DH Systems is the power behind many leading vehicle websites. We use our specialist knowledge of vehicles and the industry to create websites tailored to our customers' needs.

We provide customer facing iPhone, iPad and Android Apps and now have a range of Android Apps to compliment our desktop system. Managing your vehicles, parts and sites has never been easier.

Frontier Vehicle Salvage

Frontier Vehicle Salvage is our core back office administrative system covering every aspect of vehicle salvage. It is easy to use yet offers a wealth of features for Vehicle Salvage Operators both large and small. Insurance contracts, cheque printing, document scanning, Digital Image Inspection, ELVs, auctioning, web listings, reg. lookups, COD, link to Frontier Recovery App, link to Frontier VISTA & link to Frontier Sales Screen are just a small set of features available in the Desktop Package. Ask for a demo or browse our website for more details.

Frontier Vehicle Dismantling

Frontier Vehicle Dismantling is a complete stock control and invoicing system - it has been developed specifically for the vehicle dismantler with features that no other parts or dismantling system can offer.

The latest version offers an industry first. You can now access manufacturer part numbers and prices directly in the desktop system. Each vehicle in the system once dismantled will show the manufacturer part numbers and prices against each of the dismantled parts. When a customer requests a part, you can simply enter the registration number of the vehicle and quickly have all the part numbers available for searching all your stock. This allows for very accurate results, and secondly the ability to search across manufacturers and models that share common parts. For instance, an alternator might be common to a VW Golf and Seat Ibiza, now you will know and you can supply the correct part first time, every time - with confidence, and know the main dealer selling price to enable you to offer both the best value and not undervalue your vehicle parts. Data is supplied by Thatcham and covers about 80% of vehicles on the road in the UK.

Frontier Vehicle Dismantling is also your complete invoicing, parts, dismantling and customer database. Quickly search for vehicles, parts and stock. Parts can be dismantled, on-car, damaged or deleted. Create requests, orders and invoices in a few clicks. Retain customer information for future orders, open credit accounts, create pro-forma invoices and set credit limits. Integration with receipt printers and cash-drawers allows for POS at your counter. Registration lookup quickly fills in vehicle details, finds parts and gives confidence to your customers. Postcode lookup quickly fills in buyers addresses. Send parts to ebay and your own website in just a few clicks, import sales from ebay and your website to automate the creation of invoices. Frontier Touch Screen Dismantling can inform your dismantlers in the yard of parts waiting to be dismantled and outstanding jobs. Frontier Touch Screen Packaging informs your despatch bay of parts waiting to be picked and waiting for despatch. Frontier Dashboard gives your yard supervisors a quick overview of outstanding jobs for dismantlers and packagers and allowing the creation of ad hoc jobs and reporting of time taken by each person.

Ask for a demo now; you have to see it to believe it.

Frontier Mobile

Frontier Mobile is our new "Super App". Running on an Android phone or tablet and combining the features of Frontier Imager, Frontier Yard and Frontier Stores; Frontier Mobile gives you maximum mobile freedom in the work place; increase productivity and join up your office and the yard.

  • Add parts to breaking vehicles with comments, price, factor number, quality grade, colour and add photos of parts as you go
  • Parts go to Frontier Dismantling and are immediately available
  • Scan barcodes to find parts, wheels, tyres, kits and Non Car Specific (NCS) parts
  • Search by entering the tag number, location or vehicle details
  • Find vehicles by registration number, stock number or location
  • Take photos of parts, wheels, tyres, kits and NCS parts
  • Add and edit comments against parts and vehicles
  • Change prices of parts, wheels, tyres, kits and NCS parts
  • Change location of parts, wheels, tyres, kits, NCS parts and vehicles
  • Stock check locations, parts, wheels, tyres, kits and NCS parts
  • Create digital image inspection reports of salvage vehicles
  • Create depollution reports for breaking vehicles

Photos are automatically uploaded to Frontier Salvage and Dismantling and associated with the part or vehicle with smart image queuing in the background so an interrupted network signal doesn't stop the show.

Compatible with 1000s of Android devices, including Honeywell Dolphin (with dedicated barcode scanner), Samsung Galaxy Zoom (Camera running Android) and latest Google Nexus devices (Phones and tablets). Full WiFi coverage of your yard is recommended although the App will work over the cell/mobile network. Android 4 and above supported, Apps from the Play Store.

Frontier Recovery

Frontier Recovery is an Android App for use with Frontier Salvage. Uplift instructions are sent to the driver, who can quickly view, accept and navigate outstanding jobs and then recover vehicles directly into the phone. Recovery includes a drivers checksheet, photos, personal details, signatures and any other information you wish to capture by the roadside. Once the recovery is made, the App sends the details back to the yard and desktop system, and the information and photographs are available before the vehicle arrives. Drivers can report failed recoveries and communicate with the office using text messages. Frontier Recovery also links to Google Maps to help with navigation to the uplift locations. Android 4 and above supported, Apps from the Play Store, mobile phone data plan required.

Powered by DH Systems

DH Systems is the power behind the scenes for many salvage and dismantling companies. We have a wide range of services we offer to our varied customers, large and small. We are the power behind many vehicle auctions including SalvageMarket and FAB Bundle. We design, create and host many of our customer websites, integrating closely with our desktop systems. We run PartShark for the benefit of our customers, who can list parts and breakers on a shared website so customers can find parts first time, every time. Our Sell-My-Car website feature captures thousands of ELVs for our customers to process, and the latest version also prices used vehicles using industry standard pricing tools including mileage and condition adjustments. Our Frontier VISTA service is used by insurance companies, engineers, councils, recovery agents, transport providers and office staff to keep track of vehicles around the country. Our Android and iPhone Apps make finding salvage vehicles, parts and breakers easy for the mobile generation. Our desktop systems make adding parts to ebay and your own website quick and easy. Adding PayPal and SagePay to your website makes it easy for your customers too. We are continuously developing new ideas to keep our customers at the leading edge of their industry. Everything from Registration lookup, Postcode lookup, website searching and much more is available from the UK's leading salvage and dismantling software provider. Ask us for a demo. You can request a demo anytime on our website or call us on 0131 334 7515.

We are a member of the MVDA and a strategic partner of the BVSF.

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Our Products and Services

We provide a range of desktop, mobile and website solutions for the salvage and dismantling industries.

Frontier Vehicle Salvage is our core back office administrative system covering every aspect of vehicle salvage. Frontier Vehicle Salvage is easy to use yet offers a wealth of features for Vehicle Salvage Operators both large and small.
Frontier Vehicle Dismantling is a complete stock control and invoicing system - it has been developed specifically for the vehicle dismantler with features that no other parts or dismantling system can offer.
An application that runs on robust touch screen displays that is deployed on the yard floor for quick access by your dismantlers.
An application that runs on robust touch screen displays that is deployed in the shipping area to progress orders out to delivery companies and inform customers that items have shipped.
A mobile application for Frontier users in the yard. You can image vehicles, dismantled parts, and tyres with quick updating of the desktop software, as well as managing stock control systems - runs on Android devices.
A mobile application for recovery drivers that allows real-time updates with imaging, signature capture and electronic form filling - runs on Android devices.
A mobile application for Frontier users. You can image dismantled parts and tyres with quick updating of the desktop software - runs on Android devices.
A mobile application for Frontier users in the yard. It allows for quick discovery of and imaging vehicles in the yard and allows fork lift drivers to move vehicles and update the desktop software - runs on Android devices.
An application for a sales screen which shows your latest vehicles for sale and/or at auction, suitable for a sales counter, reception area and general advertising.
An application that runs alongside the TSD. The Dashboard view is for managers which keeps them up to date with current progress of dismantling jobs and allows for job allocation and monitoring of jobs and dismantlers.
A mobile application that allows quick and easy barcode scanning of parts for stock control. Required a specialist barcode scanner device.
An online management portal for insurance companies and councils to manage their vehicles that you collect. It allows for adding new vehicle collections with timing criteria, search and view details of vehicles (including viewing images), and run mangagment reports.
An essential package that allows quick and easy export of parts straight onto eBay and when parts are sold your stock is reduced and invoices generated automatically in Frontier Dismantling.
Collect electronic signatures for invoices with Frontier Signature. Just click a button and customers can sign their name and have it added to printed invoices.
Send SMS messages to your customers directly from the desktop system and automatically send daily batch messages such as overdue storage and payments due.
A touch screen system for self service yards that tracks customers arriving, departing and simplifies the checkout procedure.
An Android App and a delivery and collection planning application that automatically calculates ideal routes for your vans, tracks progress and keeps your customers informed along the way.
Complete end-to-end Parts Procurement Platform. All suppliers under one roof: integrated with numerous parts suppliers including main dealers for genuine new parts, aftermarket suppliers for OE equivalent new parts and dismantlers for genuine used parts.

Our technology

With our unique registration number to parts technology, we are able to do incredible things with your parts data.

Our unique registration number to parts service provides cutting-edge technology to our customers. A website visitor simply enters their registration number and we can find all the matching parts and vehicles, and present them in a friendly way to your customers.
We are currently releasing Apps on the Android Play Store.
We are currently releasing customer facing Apps on the Apple iTunes Store

Our services

We offer a wide range of services, from desktop application development, through to website development, mobile app development and desktop support.

DH Systems has a dedicated Web development team whose goal is to provide you and your customers the best web experience possible while giving all the relevant information and generating sales leads for all your vehicles, parts and items for sale.
We have dedicated servers for websites and can create, design and host your entire website. We also offer dedicated IP addresses and secure hosting of parts stores using SSL certificates. We can also register your domain name and take away all the hassle for you.
We are available for support either by calling us on 0131 334 7515 or emailing us at info@dhsystems.co.uk. We have a dedicated support team who are experts in solving any Frontier issues. Our support team will continue to work on your problem until it is resolved.
HelloShark is a marketing tool created by DH Systems for the use of our clients. All marketing data is gathered independently by our clients, and is held securely on our server. Our clients can then create reports from the marketing data.
ScreenShark's purpose is to provide an advertising screen for waiting rooms, sales areas and receptions which can display vehicles and adverts to potential customers. With an administration interface you can setup ScreenShark as you want.
DataShark is a status screen that shows you real time information about your business, such as vehicle uplifts & movements, parts sold, invoices raised, parcels shipped. The system connects directly to your desktop system giving you up to date statistics and data.
A VoIP-based phone system that uses your internet connection instead of dedicated telephone wires to place calls. This means that you can make any number of simultaneous calls without running out of lines for a fraction of the cost of a traditional phone system.
We can help you to make sure you never lose your data. Per your requirements, we will set up an automatic timetable that backups your data to a secure cloud system that will work as an insurance for you.
We can create interactive, searchable vehicles lists for all your auction, salvage and breaking vehicles, seamlessly integrated into your current website or design.
Create an online parts shop available 24/7/365 - all easily searchable by registration number. We offer several checkout options, from SagePay to PayPal, full online accounts with purchase history to simple one-click buy now.
Our Sell-My-Car website service captures thousands of ELVs for our customers to process, and the latest version also prices used vehicles using industry standard pricing tools including mileage and condition adjustments.
TyreShark is a gathering point for all our members' tyres and is inclusive to our Frontier price. TyreShark makes finding tyres easy with registration number lookup, which matches all tyres that fit in your car.
We use WheelShark as a gathering place for our members' wheels. Users can either search with their registration number that will find wheels that match the vehicle or browse through wheels per make and wheel's measurements.
You can browse our clients' repairable vehicles, that they have approved, at SalvageShark. Showing our clients' vehicles on SalvageShark belongs to Frontier's price and does not incur extra cost.

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Who we are and how to find us.

D.H Systems Consultancy Limited is a modern and dynamic company, specialising in the development of software for the vehicle salvage and vehicle dismantling industries.
We are just a few minutes away from Edinburgh Airport, 10 mins from Edinburgh Park Train Station and 2 mins away from the 22 and 35 Lothian buses and the tram line.

Trade bodies

PartShark is our shared vehicle parts and breakers site. As a member of PartShark you can have your parts and breakers listed, all searchable by registration number, now including online purchase with PayPal.
Green Parts Data Systems supply intelligent vehicle data for our desktop systems. Including OEM part numbers, original manufacturers price and description.
DH Systems developed the SalvageMarket sites on behalf of a client. We continue to maintain and provide technical updates and assistance, and are continuing to develop new versions of the site. It regularly sells 2,000 vehicles per week and attracts tens of thousands of visitors.