A website that brings together all your salvage and auction vehicles for sale in one place with links through to your own website and auction.

SalvageShark is a website that combines your salvage and auction vehicles and displays them for sale all in one place, with links to your own auction and site


Lists salvage vehicles

Clicks through to your website

Helps build up backlinks

More information

You can browse our clients' repairable vehicles, that they have approved, at SalvageShark. Showing our clients' vehicles on SalvageShark belongs to Frontier's price and does not incur extra cost.

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Our complete stock control and invoicing system fully integrated with manufacturer part numbers. Reg search, sales, invoicing, ebay, web listings, it does it all.

Frontier Vehicle Salvage

Our complete salvage system that handles everything from uplifts through to selling, auctioning or disposal of vehicles, including insurance contracts.

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