Website solutions

DH Systems has a dedicated web development team whose goal is to provide you and your customers the best web experience possible while giving all the relevant information and generating sales leads for all your vehicles, parts and items for sale.

We have now started to offer responsive website design to our clients, allowing customers to access the site and buy parts and vehicles from their phones and tablets.

DH can set you up with an online store to sell your parts which use various secure payment solutions, or create you an ebay template so you can sell your parts there with the look and feel of your own site.

We also provide multiple solutions for displaying vehicles, reports and communicating with your customers that can be seen below. We can host your website for you and can provide you with SSL protection.

Our website solutions

Website design

Attract customers using clever site design to draw them in and make it easy for them to buy from you

Web hosting & SSL

We can host your site for you and take care of domains and SSL, and you get a website with no hassle

ebay stores & templates

These templates allow you to use ebay to sell parts with a store that looks and feels like your site

Parts, breakers & salvage listings

Vehicle lists send your breakers and pages to your website and upload your vehicle to auction

Buy Any Car & pricing feature

Buy Any Car gives customers prices for cars using either weight or CAP pricing

Online store

A place to sell your parts which uses reg no searching and a range of payment options are available

Payment integration solutions

Example summary text for all products, websites and services


A site and app that lists all your parts and breakers, searchable by reg no or part number


A website to display all salvage and auction vehicles which can be bought direct or from you


Presentation for TV screen to showcase vehicles


Service to send out weekly emails to customers featuring latest and greatest parts and vehicles


This website lists all your tyres and can be searched by reg number or size specifications

Frontier MyDataShark

Status screens to show plot trends, comparisons and graphs of your organisation's data


Website to list all your tyres and can be searched by reg number, make, size specifications and more

Registration lookups

To find vehicles easily by simply entering your registration number to find any related parts

Experian checks

See the history of a vehicle so you know of anything that happened to it that would change its value

CAP pricing

Get a Black Book trusted and fair valuation of your vehicle so you know how much to ask for it