ebay stores & templates

Not only can Frontier Dismantling automatically upload your parts to ebay, we can offer a full ebay customisation service. Why not make your ebay shop look and feel like your corporate branding.

ebay templates allow you to fully customise your ebay store to look like your website that your customers are familiar with


Responsive ebay templates

Supports ebay policies

Send parts to ebay from Dismantling

Part details auto-filled from parts data

Send photos from Dismantling

Send videos from Dismantling

When part sells, import order to Dismantling

Parts taken from stock when sold

ebay compatible certified

More information

Your parts can be automatically uploaded to eBay as soon as they're added to Frontier Dismantling, and you can also have a fully customised eBay template to match your website. When a part is sold, it is taken off your stock in Dismantling to your system has the proper numbers.

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Frontier Vehicle Dismantling

Our complete stock control and invoicing system fully integrated with manufacturer part numbers. Reg search, sales, invoicing, ebay, web listings, it does it all.

Website design

As our list of services continues to grow, we have expanded our services to include website design. As the world wide web continues to grow, more and more people use it as part of their daily lives and it is essential that every company large and small has a good web presence.

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