CAP pricing

Using trusted Black Book values, CAP pricing gives you a realistic valuation for a vehicle

CAP pricing allows your customers to have a reasonable and unbiased idea of what their car is worth - they can get poor, average, A1 and retail price in Frontier, and they can also quote cars on SMC pages which allow percentage rules on prices


Get CAP Black Book prices for vehicles

Prices are based on mileage and condition

Get poor, average, A1 and retail price

Quote cars on SMC pages

Get price in Frontier

SMC allows percentage rules on prices

More information

CAP pricing can be used inside our Frontier systems, and in our Sell My Car/Buy Any Car pages. It uses Black Book values to determine the accurate price of a vehicle, so long as the vehicle isn't too old in which case these services would have to give weight-based quotes.

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Buy Any Car & pricing feature

Buy Any Car is a fully customisable website that offers your customers online prices for ELVs and car sales. CAP pricing is available in Buy Any Car, and can be configured to offer a better price for newer vehicles. Older cars can get an ELV price. Purchases are electronically imported directly into

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