Buy Any Car & pricing feature

Buy Any Car is a fully customisable website that offers your customers online prices for ELVs and car sales. CAP pricing is available in Buy Any Car, and can be configured to offer a better price for newer vehicles. Older cars can get an ELV price. Purchases are electronically imported directly into

CAP pricing can be used inside Buy Any Car to give a realistic quote for what your vehicle is worth, and older vehicles can use a simple weight quote for a price


Capture vehicles on website

Registration number loads vehicle details

Calculate CAP price

Set price rules in management page

Set collection rules, distance

Emails chase ups for abandoned quotes

Re-quote from management page

Auto import uplifts into Frontier

Experian checks

More information

Buy Any Car is a customised website we can provide for you for quoting of vehicles calculated based on either weight or CAP pricing - if the vehicle is newer.

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Works well with

Frontier Vehicle Salvage

Our complete salvage system that handles everything from uplifts through to selling, auctioning or disposal of vehicles, including insurance contracts.

Registration lookups

Our unique registration number to parts service provides cutting-edge technology to our customers. Your website visitor simply enters their registration number and we can find all the specific matching and similar matching parts and vehicles, and present them in a friendly way to your customers.

CAP pricing

Using trusted Black Book values, CAP pricing gives you a realistic valuation for a vehicle

Experian checks

A feature that uses reg numbers to look up vehicles and find out their history

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