Frontier Mobile


  • Database upgrade failure that caused crashes in Add Wheels fixed


  • Add Parts
    • Factor number notes are now available
      • If there are multiple notes, a button will be shown to display them in a separate dialog
    • Pick-list behaviours are now available
      • You can set the default behaviour as a Frontier option
      • You can switch behaviour in the app from the menu within Add Parts
        • Switching from sending all "default" parts (parts on derivative with at least one factor number) to only sending chosen parts will mark all the "default" parts to send
        • Switching back to sending all "default" parts will re-mark all "default" parts to send
      • All parts can be unchecked through use of the "Clear all parts" option in the menu (only available in pick-list)
  • Add Wheels
    • Wheels can now be added through the app
    • If you select a vehicle to add wheels to, new wheels will default to the vehicle's make, model, and mark if available
  • Find Vehicles
    • When moving a vehicle, if there are more than twenty sub-locations the sub-location drop-down list will be replaces by a text-box which will auto-suggest locations as you type
    • TSD jobs generated from invoices are now included in the Active TSDs count
    • A "Reset" button is now available when searching for vehicles - this will clear all search input from the form
    • You can go to Add parts, Add Tyres, and Add Wheels directly from a dismantled vehicle by using the relevant menu option without having to go back to the main screen
  • Main Screen
    • The count of remaining/frozen uploads will now appear in the bottom left of the screen if required
      • The option to unfreeze uploads has been made available in the menu
    • The Google Account settings can now only be changed by a manager
    • A Help option is now available in the menu which will present a page with some FAQ and information on how to get further help
  • Barcode Scanner support
    • The app has been modified to support the use of Bluetooth barcode scanners - this functionality is primarily intended to be used for the Stock Check and Location Items functions
    • The barcode scanner this has been tested with is the Inateck BCST-10 laser barcode scanner available on Amazon
      • Modification to the standard set-up of the barcode scanner is required for compatibility with the app
        • The "Do not apply Enter for suffix" and "Apply Tab for suffix" commands must be applied
        • Detailed instructions available on request
    • Using the barcode scanner disables the use of the on-screen keyboard and as such users will not be able to enter their PIN or enter any other numbers/text while the barcode scanner is connected to the device - if the on-screen keyboard is required, the scanner must be switched off or disconnected from the device
  • Entering PIN
    • When processing your PIN the app will now retry up to three times if it gets one of the common connection errors rather than alerting you each time

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Frontier Dismantling

20140520.1 (Click to show)

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20140314.1 (Click to show)

Frontier Imager


  • Added "Send error log" and "About app" features
  • Now records an entry in the error log when the server image directory needs created

20140428.1 (Click to show)

20140424.1 (Click to show)

Frontier Recovery


  • Uplift and vehicle comments now displayed


  • Bug with Not Recoveries fixed
  • Address display bug fixed

20140603.1 (Click to show)

20140519.1 (Click to show)

20140501.1 (Click to show)

20140424.1 (Click to show)

20140314.2 (Click to show)

Frontier Signature


  • Added in capability for an agreement notice to be shown before signatures are taken


  • Released

Frontier Yard


  • Fixed "Send error log" feature
  • Now records an entry in the error log when the server image directory needs created

20140428.1 (Click to show)

20140424.1 (Click to show)