Vehicle payments go live on auction sites


Online auction payments are now available on Motorhog’s auction site when buying a Motorhog vehicle. This feature allows winners of the auction to now pay online for the vehicles that they have won. Sage Pay payment gateway is used to take your payment online and you can pay using debit or credit card. You will save time and effort by making vehicle payments online and with this new feature being available you can now complete your purchase in just 4 simple steps! Your payments can be made safely as it is secured by Sage Pay.



Below is a screenshot of Motorhog’s auction site. The screenshot shows you a vehicle that you have won on auction. It shows the vehicle details as well as the bids you have made on it. To pay for the vehicle you have won you can click on the Pay Now button.a1


When you click on pay now, it allows you to view the auction sale information,  showing you the price of the vehicle, the auction fees and the total cost. Below this you can see the payment options section where you can choose your payment method. You have the option of bank transfer, debit card, credit card and cash. Beside each one it shows you the additional cost added to you by using that particular payment method.a3a4


Once you select your payment method you are able to enter your billing information and card details and you can also edit any previously saved details here. When you are done you can click on confirm card details.a5


You will be taken through to a purchase authentication page where you will have to enter your password to verify your identification and to authorize your payment. Once you have entered the correct details click on submit.a6


Once submitted you will be presented with a Thank you page to confirm your payment has been processed. It gives you a summary of the payment details and the vehicle details. There is also a Return to My Vehicles button which allows you to  go back and view the list of your vehicles that you have won at auction.a7The button next to this vehicle should now show as Paid and the date you paid it on.a8

September 2016 Newsletter



September Newsletter

Welcome to our September newsletter.  Once again we have been busy behind the scenes updating your desktop software, fixing bugs and adding new features.  As one of our customers would say, playing with our ones and zeroes.  We are making great progress on our responsive websites, with several released and another few in the pipeline.  There are plenty of new and exciting features planned and as always we appreciate your feedback and comments.


Thatcham Data Users

Our Thatcham users can now find more accurate wheels for their customers as we now have extra wheel data, such as PCD and number of studs. It will reduce the chance of selling a wrong wheel and then having to refund it. Refunding increases costs because of the cost of delivery. In the new version, when a user adds a wheel through a vehicle, it will automatically do a RegNo lookup to fill in the wheel data for that vehicle. Similarly, when searching for wheels, users can also do a RegNo lookup to automatically fill in the wheel search criteria, which will speed up the search and also find the accurate matched results.


Dismantling of Tyres, Wheels and NCS Parts.

We are currently working on dismantling of tyres, wheels and NCS parts. When providing dismantling status for tyres, wheels and NCS parts, it can tell the users the availability of the parts when their customers try to buy them. Also the tyres, wheel, and the NCS parts can be sent to Touch Screen Dismantling to dismantle after we added the dismantling ability status.

eBay Logo

Ebay Policies Requirements

Some of you had received the following warning from ebay when trying to upload items. Seller profiles will soon be mandatory while creating a new listing. Support for legacy postage, payment and returns fields will be removed for sellers opted into business policies.

Ebay is pushing the use of business profiles and it is our understand that they are soon going to force everyone who has enabled business profiles to use them exclusively, then at some point the future force all business sellers to use them.

The current version of Frontier has the option to use business profiles if you wish, what this entails is you setting up your payment, return and shipping profiles on eBay and assigning them a recognisable name. Then when you come to upload an item in Frontier you will be presented with three dropdown boxes, one for payment, one for returns and one for shipping rather than selecting the couriers and assigning postage costs.


Vehicle Labels

We have implemented the ability to print vehicle labels with a big barcode for sticking to windscreen. They’re nominally 20cm x 5cm and are designed so a fork lift driver can scan them without leaving his cab, to make it quick and easy when putting vehicles back in the rakcs. This does require a long range Bluetooth scanner.

To print these labels, a separate printer is required (we recommend Zebra ZT230) as these are bigger than the item labels and the printer settings are slightly different.








Get to know Laura

This month we are getting to know our apprentice Laura a little better! Laura is our Digital Marketer and manages all aspects of our marketing. She maintains all of our social media accounts and uses them to engage with our customers. Laura creates our monthly newsletter and our other email campaigns as well as writing our weekly news stories. Laura is responsible for DH Systems and our customers’ Analytics/AdWords/Conversions. Her marketing services have also been extended to DH Systems customers and she can take control of your social media accounts, Analytics/AdWords/Conversions and can write content for your website as well as post news stories and create newsletters.
What is the best part of your job?

The thing I enjoy most about my job is that it is fun and it is different each day, social media and the internet are growing rapidly and it’s great to be in a role that is always changing. I like that I get to use my creativeness in my job and can also design new graphics or icons for DH Systems.

What do you do in your spare time?

During the week I like to go to the gym after work and at the weekend I usually go out with my friends. I am interested in art and design and occasionally spend my time drawing or painting.

Favourite holiday destination: The best holiday I’ve been on was Las Vegas, I went a couple of years ago with my family, the hotels are amazing!

A fact about yourself: I have a phobia of onion rings!!


Graeme’s Bungee Jump

Congratulations to Graeme who has successfully completed his Bungee Jump at Killiecrankie and has so far managed to raise £1,130 of a £1,000 target for his chosen charity XLP. XLP’s main focus is helping disadvantaged youths to give them equal opportunities in society.

A few words from Graeme after the jump…
“It truly was a memorable experience (although, not necessarily one that I will be repeating in a hurry). We reached (and passed) our £1000 target and have been truly humbled by your generosity – especially those people who donated and who I haven’t seen for 40-45 years, and others who I have NEVER met – yet! You all deserve a huge round of applause for your amazing generosity. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

You can read more about XLP and Graeme’s story on the jump on his Just Giving page, donations are still welcomed!









The Heb – Race on the edge: Day 1

My first adventure race and it was truly epic – unbelievable views and terrain added in with pretty much everything from sunshine to storms and lashing rain. The Outer Hebrides consists of Rocky Mountains, sea inlets, gorgeous sandy beaches and peat bogs everywhere else. The race started off with a run to get to the bikes at the start, next there was a decent road cycle and I went pretty well along here and was just outside the top 10. I have never raced over peat bogs before but it is just mental and great fun. We got to the first check point and then aimed for the hilltop – a 300 m summit.












I checked my time at the bottom of the hill and I was on my original target time so I decided to do the third checkpoint as it was a 90 minute penalty if missed. I went hard on the bike again before getting to the next running section at the stunning tidal Isle of Vallay. There was now another good cycle over to Loch Maddy and the kayaking. The kayak was an out and back with the turning point being a small island. Got back onto dry land and the heavens opened up and the wind had gotten right up. Needless to say the next section was down road heading directly into the wind and rain. After a few long miles it was time to go off-road. Now all I had to do was cycle the last 20km as quickly as I could – I ate every gel I had and went for it. And I held on – I took line honours! I was under no illusions – when my time penalty was applied I would be nowhere near the lead but for me it felt like winning! I ended up 12th after day 1 with which I was absolutely elated.


The Heb – Race on the Edge: Day 2

Day 2 dawned breezy and wet, not unusual for the Outer Hebrides. Today was all about tactics – do you do just the small first hill and take the huge 5:30 time penalty or take the risk of doing the 2 big mountains but getting timed out… It didn’t seem to me like it was worth doing just one of the big mountains as you only had to go halfway down to get the second summit. I had my own agenda, namely to beat my good friends and arch rivals Martin and Neil – so my strategy was set for me – whatever they did on the hills I would be doing. After a quick sprint I was on their wheels where I stayed despite much shouting of wheel leach.


There then followed many kilometres on land rover tracks, by this point I knew there weren’t that many people in front of me on the road, more than half of the teams opted not to do the 2 big hills and do just the small hills like us. I got to the next checkpoint on Orasaigh in the lead on the ‘road’. I held my lead for the rest of the cycle. There followed a short run around the headland to the kayaking then a run back to the last mandatory climb of the day. I decided to curl around the hill as this looked better for me. Alas I should have read my instructions properly as I was climbing up the high summit whereas my adversaries were dibbing on the lower summit. So I sprinted back down and over to the check point. I started to jog the last half mile to finish whereupon a little boy, who had been filming us as we went past on the way up, came out and said well done Mister, all you have to do now is beat me and this 11-year-old sprinted off far too fast for me to keep up.


Hells Hop race

Hells Hop Swimrun – not sure if you all know what a Swimrun is? It is what it says on the tin you swim and run but unlike triathlons you have to take all your kit around the entire course with you! Hells Hop consists of 13 swims and 13 runs totalling up to just under 30km of running and 7km of swimming. The race started with a mass dive from the Tall Ship ‘Lady of Avenel’. I’ve never been scared swimming in the sea before but there were times when panic was looming – you could go for several minutes and see nobody because of the swell. After 40 minutes you get out the water and it was then onto a 2.5km off-road run to the southernmost point of Eriskay.










Then it was the most exciting and potentially dangerous swims out to the stacks that lie off the south of Eriskay. The swim itself is short at 40m but this is a proper rocky ingress and egress and a lot of tide! I adopted what I will call the ‘seal’ method which basically involved belly flopping up the rocks with each wave and holding on with grim death as each receded. There then followed a relatively gentle 4km along the road before starting the longest swim of the day. I got lucky as this point and got a partner (I didn’t actually have a partner at the start) … Tim! Unfortunately, his partner, Erica, lost her food down a rabbit hole on the first run.  It was a gentle off road run next to the shoulder of a pass where there was a short 100m swim through a lochan. Then a nice off-road run down the other side followed by 9km along the road due west back into the sea. There was a 800m beach swim which was much smoother and nicer than expected from our earlier sea swims. The race was almost done now with 4km along flat landrover tracks followed by a nice 1250m swim in a loch. Then 2km along the road, 750 swim and 200m sprint to the finish. Big thanks to Tim who dragged me around the rest of the course quicker than I would otherwise have gone.









I would like to say a massive thanks to all the team at Durty Events for putting on The Heb, a truly epic race and a very heartfelt thanks to all the marshals and volunteers who give up their precious time to allow us to race. Also a massive thanks to the organisers of Hells Hop Swimrun, their safety crews and all the volunteers that make these events possible and of course the sponsors!

You can read The BBC’s news article on Hell’s Hop and see some pictures here!


SEO and Metadata


What is Metadata?

Metadata is a set of data that describes and gives information about other data. Without metadata we weaken our ability to drive people from search engines to our sites. Nearly all metadata is invisible to your visitors and customers. It lives and works behind the scenes in the HTML of your web pages. Metadata is important to drive traffic to your page and to get your page to the top of Google.  There are 3 main pieces of information included in metadata – Title, description, keyword/phrases.

Every page must have a meta title as it plays an important role in how your website is perceived and it has to sum up what your site is about.











The meta description is equally as important as it provides an explanation of what your site is about which allows the visitor to see if this is the correct page they are looking for.






Your SEO keywords are the keywords and phrases in your web content that make it possible for people to find your site via search engines. If you use the proper keywords you will get more search engine traffic and if you optimize your website keywords it will help you rank faster.

What do your customers type in to find you? If someone searches for ‘Scrap my car’ or ‘Sell my car’ to find your company, it is such a generic search phrase that it would be difficult to get your web page to the top of Google. This is where adverts get expensive for generic phrases because everyone wants them. Good use of keywords and phrases will help get your website a better ranking in search engines.

Here is an example of all the different web pages that come up when you search for Scrap my car. The top pages are Ad’s where the company has paid for the best rankings in Google. If you get your metadata just right you will be able to get to the first page of Google without having to pay the expense of ads



We are currently coming up with fresh metadata for our new DH Systems site. We have been researching the most searched for phrases people use when looking for our website on search engines and making sure we include these keywords and phrases in our new metadata. Want to see your website at the top of Google? We can do the same research on your site and come up with metadata that will optimize your site and drive as much traffic as possible to your web page!     Contact us now for further details.

August 2016 Newsletter



August Newsletter

Another month has flown by and the winter months are fast approaching. This month we have released our first responsive customer website and we are continuing to work on new projects. We have a very busy month ahead with our staff participating in events which you can read all about and more in this month’s newsletter…



DH Systems Investing in the Future

DH Systems are getting ahead of the game in technology with our brand new server, a Dell PowerEdge R930. The server comes with a massive 1TB of memory installed and E7-4800 v4 processors with 4 processing sockets providing 128 logical processors. The Dell PowerEdge R930 is a top of the range server with lots of capacity to expand the server as well. Dell launched the PowerEdge R930 in April, declaring it their most powerful server to date.




Repossessions UK

We have just released our first responsive website for a customer. Repossessions UK is now live and lists vehicles, plants and other things for sale. Responsive web design provides an optimal viewing and interaction experience – easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning and scrolling across a wide range of devices from desktop computer monitors to mobile phones. It’s taken time to fine tune the designs and find a way to present the information on both desktops and mobile devices.

Have a look for yourself at



Another new responsive site and a new product from DH Systems. We are always looking for new and exciting ways of getting ways of getting used parts into new places. With this in mind, we are developing relationships with body shops and repairers to encourage the usage of used parts in their jobs. AutoPPP is our end-to-end parts procurement platform, a fully customisable, fully integrated white label parts procurement system, designed to save the body shops money and promote the usage of genuine used parts.



Graeme’s Bungee Jump

Our Documentation and Training Manager, Graeme, will be taking part in a 40 metre charity bungee jump for XLP. The jump takes place at Killiecrankie on Saturday 3rd September.

Graeme’s background on the jump: “After a weekend of too many beers, I (along with 7 others) agreed to help my nephew raise money for his chosen charity by bungee jumping. By the time the Monday morning came around, I was the ONLY person left who was still prepared to do this!”

The chosen charity is XLP, the charity aims to serve the community by meeting the social, educational and behavioural needs of young people, empowering them to make wise lifestyle choices and to realise their potential. Visit to find out more.


bungee2    bungee1




Dave has three upcoming races that he is participating in, The Heb, Hell’s Hop and Loch Gu Loch.  The Heb takes place on 3rd-4th September, it is an adventurous journey that includes running, mountain biking, kayaking and navigating in the Hebridean Island chain off the west coast of Scotland. Hell’s Hop arrives in the Outer Hebrides on 10th September, it promises to be an incredible, unique and wild course. The course includes 29K of running and 6K of epic swimming. Dave will also be taking place in Loch Gu Loch, this will be on 1st October in Loch Ness and will consist of an 8K swim and a 47K run.

Dave recently completed the Aberfeldy Half Iron Man, which took place in the surroundings of Highland Perthshire. It included a 1900m Swim, 90K cycle and a 21K run. Well done Dave!

Find out more about the upcoming events by visiting their sites and Facebook page…

Hell’s Hop
Loch Gu Loch





Ransomware is a type of malicious software designed to block access to your computer system and encrypt your files until a sum of money is paid to decrypt them. Malicious programs can enter your system when you open a website or e-mail attachment containing malware. It can also get on your network if it has been misconfigured and your system may be port-scanned and a vulnerability found.

We can help get you setup to keep you as safe as possible from Ransomware. There are multiple ways which can help to prevent infection but it will not protect against all attacks. Make sure you are using an up-to-date computer and virus checking program. Be careful what emails you open such as unexpected invoices, payments, deliveries and don’t open any attachments from anyone you don’t trust, the same goes for links – don’t click on them unless you trust them. Use a content filtering system to block or deny access to unwanted websites and programs and use an external email filtering service to stop or slow virus emails coming into your network. You can have an IT expert to configure your network for maximum safety and you can put an IT policy in place and make sure your staff know what they can and can’t do. Another way to help prevent infection is by having regular backups and make sure they are offline. Most importantly get advice and help before it’s too late!

Call us on 0131 334 7515 for more information and advice.



How long will you wait for a website to load?

The BBC have recently written a column about how long someone will wait for a shopping website to load. According to their research, nearly half of us won’t even wait three seconds for the website to load before going somewhere else. They say just half a second difference in page load times can make a 10% difference in sales for an online retailer. Many don’t even know that their sites are running slowly because their IT teams are concentrating more on keeping the service up and running than on speed and performance.

It is believed a page load time of 2.5 seconds or below strikes the right balance between functionality and speed, so don’t lose potential customers because your website is running too slow!

For more information, read the full article at




If you are looking for a place with excellent food, great drinks and a homely atmosphere then visit Makars Gourmet Mash Bar. Located in the heart of Edinburgh with stunning views of the city it is the perfect place for relaxed dining, snacks, coffee or drinks.

Visit their website to view their menu or book a table now.








Stewart Brewing is Edinburgh’s local, independent brewery. It is one of Scotland’s most successful and reputable breweries. They sell everything from bottled beers to cask & keg brews. Having a party? Stewart Brewing can provide the beer! You can also visit the brewery for a tour and see how it is made.


Click on the video below and see Dave featuring in Stewart Brewing’s advert!

DH Systems new artwork


New artwork at DH Systems

This week we have added a new art piece to our DH collection in the office, our new painting is called ‘Look at it my way’ . The painting is by Scottish artist Scott Carruthers and is part of his ‘Geometric Illusions’ series.

Since we can’t have windows in the office we can fill the space with paintings instead!

Take a look below at some of our other artwork in the office…






July 2016 Newsletter



Nearly made July Newsletter

It’s been another busy month at DH Systems.  We barely noticed July and summer seems to have passed us by.  As always we are continuously working hard on updating our desktop and website software and have been pushing out updates recently.  Read on to hear about what we’ve been up to…



We would like to say a big thank you to those of you who stopped by DH Systems stand at the CARS Expo. It was great to have the opportunity to speak to new people and to discuss how DH Systems can help your business. We had an excellent turn out with a busy two days at CARS and we were able to show visitors live demos of our products. We hope you enjoyed the demos and learned more about what DH Systems has to offer. We also had a fantastic night at the Gala dinner on Wednesday with the team at FAB and Darren from Combellacks. Great food, entertainment and a lot of wine in the Launchpad Suite at Donington Park Circuit, a great opportunity for networking.

For more information or to request a demo please contact us directly.


Get to Know Steve

Steve was born and raised in Coventry, home to many car manufacturers and both his parents had long careers with Jaguar Cars and his brother currently works at Aston Martin.

Steve started his computer experience on a Sinclair Spectrum at his neighbours house before acquiring a Z80 based Tatung Einstein computer where he learned to program in assembler, then starting University taking a course in Computer Science. At one time Steve was the youngest engineer at IBM, where he worked for several years on mainframes and mini-computers and ended up working on the UK cheque clearing and payment machines based in Northampton.

Then back to assembler, this time x86 with Phoenix BIOS, then over to Seattle in the USA for a few years working on Embedded BIOS, followed by a 15,000 mile US road trip.  Back to reality in the UK where Steve started his own website design business making all kinds of websites before joining a furniture company and designing their website along with office layouts, logos, graphics and anything else he could get his hands on.

Steve ultimately joined DH Systems about six years ago where his first project was to launch the SalvageMarket auction site, that has been running over five years now and has sold nearly half a million vehicles.  Six years in and the web team has gone from one person to five and one website to over sixty websites.

Steve is married, has a dog called Faraday and a cat called Newton.  Steve’s hobbies include photography, travel, acoustic guitar and he runs the website for an animal rescue charity.  Steve spends his time listening to music and playing the odd game on PS4 – currently Uncharted 4.

What is your favourite film?
Both “The Fifth Element” and “Leon”

What is your favourite food?
Pizza, pasta, chicken curry

What do you enjoy most about your role?
I enjoy designing new stuff and teaching

An interesting fact about yourself: I once drove from Los Angeles to Seattle in one day, 1,137 miles!

cover (4) rtusa_az_grandcanyon14





Frontier Dismantling ebay news

We continue to improve and enhance our Frontier Dismantling ebay compatible application.  Recently we have started to roll out our new improved responsive ebay templates that are much better for mobile phones and tablets and is now the recommended approach for ebay.

Information from ebay tells us that they are moving towards requiring all sellers to use ebay policies for shipping, returns and terms & conditions.  The good news is that our application is fully compatible with these new policy templates.

To further enhance your listings, we can now link parts together from the same vehicle.  This means that when your customer finds a part on ebay, they can also quickly view the other parts from the same vehicle.  Perhaps your customer needs both a left and right door mirror or wants the entire wheel set you’ve listed individually, now they can find these parts quickly, simply and accurately.

Frontier Dismantling new features

We are just adding the final touches to a brand new feature built directly into Frontier Dismantling.  How would you normally determine which parts to remove from a vehicle?  With our new ranking system that gives you between 1 and 5 stars for each part down to the model level, we can indicate the potential demand and previous sales history of that part.

This is designed to give you a hint in the right direction as to whether you should dismantle this part or not. This brings us onto the next feature, directly next to the ranking.  We can now show you the average dismantle time for each part on a vehicle.  This is also handy to give you an approximate time to prepare the part for sale and can help you cost the time it takes to dismantle the part against the potential profit of the part.




If you are looking for a place with excellent food, great drinks and a homely atmosphere then visit The Makars Gourmet Mash Bar. Located in the heart of Edinburgh with stunning views of the city, The Makars Gourmet Mash Bar is the perfect place for relaxed dining, snacks, coffee or drinks.

Visit their website to view their menu or book a table now.




Stewart Brewing is an award winning brewers, stocking a wide range of beers including core range, hop series, limited editions, mixed cases, cask regulars and keg regulars. Their ‘radical road’ beer has just recently won the World beer award. Stewart Brewing also offer other services such as Brewery tours, where you can get an insight into the creative process of making beer and flavors and shown around the brewery. Visit their site to browse the large selection of beers!

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CARS 2016 – thank you for coming!


Thank you for visiting us at CARS

We would like to say a big thank you to those of you who stopped by DH Systems stand at the CARS Expo. It was great to have the opportunity to speak to new people and to discuss how DH Systems can help your business. We had an excellent turn out with a busy two days at CARS and we were able to show visitors live demos of our products. We hope you enjoyed the demos and learned more about what DH Systems has to offer. We also had a fantastic night at the Gala dinner on Wednesday, you can see some pictures below.

Need more information?

If you would like further information or have any more questions for us please get in touch. You can contact us directly on 0131 334 7515 or email

Want to arrange a demo?

Please email us to request a demo. The demo can take place in our office in Edinburgh or you can arrange an online demo.

Download our brochure if you didn’t get the chance to grab one at the show.











New brochure for 2016!










Our 2016 brochure gives you a quick overview of each one of our products and gives you a breakdown of the key features and benefits of each product. You can read about our all new products including EZ Parts – our complete solution for your self-service yard and read more about our core products Frontier Salvage and Frontier Dismantling. Understand our all in one Android app, Frontier Mobile, and read about its top features. Take a look at our new and improved product logos in our brochure which have recently been updated.

Read about PartShark, our desktop, mobile and web solutions and how this can enhance the speed and efficiency of managing your yard. Our products are listed in our brochure each with their own brief description on what they provide. Download our vibrant new brochure and get more information on the services we provide, the support we have to offer and the products that can benefit you.


frontier-salvage-icon-fullFrontier Vehicle Salvage
frontier-dismantling-icon-fullFrontier Vehicle Dismantling
web-ebay-(1)Frontier ebay module
frontier-tsd-icon-fullFrontier Touch Screen Dismantling
frontier-tsp-icon-fullFrontier Touch Screen Packaging
frontier-dashboard-icon-fullFrontier Dashboard
websitesWebsites & Apps
frontier-vista-icon-fullFrontier VISTA
support_0Frontier Support & Training
frontier-mobile-icon-full2Frontier Mobile
frontier-recovery-full-2Frontier Recovery
FINAL-frontier-salesFrontier Sales Screen(ScreenShark)
itsupportdev1IT & Server Support
phonesystems2Telephone Systems
frontier-sms-fullFrontier SMS Messaging
frontier-signature-icon-fullFrontier Signature
mydatasharkFrontier MyDataShark




Download our brochure here


borchure 21 brochure 1 brochure 3

CARS Expo 2016 – 8 Days to go!


CARS Expo 2016

The Complete Auto Recycling and Secondary Materials (CARS) trade show is Europe’s premier event auto and material processors. It covers all aspects of the sector and is the only event of its kind.  The CARS show will be taking part on 13-14th July at Donington Park Circuit, Derby.

Your free ticket includes:

  • Entry to the Conference Theatre and Skills Lab
  • Entry to the exhibition and live demonstrations
  • One drink of your choice


? There is a small surcharge of £15 for anyone who does not preregister

DH Systems will be attending CARS Expo 2016 and you can visit us at Stand A43. You will find our stand located in the center of the Exhibition Hall opposite the networking lounge and cafe area, so stop by for a chat with us!

We will be demonstrating our latest products to show you exactly how they work, you can try out our products and see how they can benefit you. You will have the opportunity to see our mobile app in operation and we will also be available to answer any questions you may have for us as well as providing you with information on each of our products. CARS is the perfect chance to meet our team and learn everything you need to know about our products.

On Wednesday 13th we will be hosting a session on The Impact of Market Forces and Dave will be speaking about “Selling in 2020” , this session will be held 14:00-15:00 and we encourage you all to come along.

clock1  Opening times

Show dates:          Show times:

13 July 2016                09:30-17:00

14 July 2016                09:30-17:00


Donington Park is situated at the heart of England, a few minutes from M1 junction 23a and MOTO Donington Park Motorway Services and Travelodge, or junction 24 southbound.

Donington park is easily accessible internationally via East Midlands International Airport, only 2 miles away and is in close proximity to East Midlands Parkway train station.

parkingThere is onsite parking for visitors.

twitterWe will be posting live updates and photos during CARS show. Make sure you follow us on Twitter @dhsystems and get involved using #CARS2016










June 2016 Newsletter



June Newsletter


Next month we will be attending CARS EXPO 2016 at Donnington Park Circuit, Derby. The event will be held 13-14 July and will give you the opportunity to come along and see demonstrations of our products and have a chat with us. You can visit the indoor exhibition, skills lab, off-site tours and also attend the conference sessions with your free ticket.



Get your free ticket before it’s too late! Visit CARS website Call 020 7633 4500 or email


We have created a LinkedIn page for DH Systems where we will be posting our latest news stories and we will be using it to connect with our customers. For news and updates search for DH Systems Consultancy Limited and connect with us today.

Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Google+








We have recently had some staff changes at DH Systems and in the past few months we have welcomed three new faces to the team. Kelly, David and Hélder have all recently joined us and are settling into their roles within DH Systems. Kelly is now responsible for our accounts and administrations, in her role she deals with incoming and outgoing payments, payroll administration, booking staff travel and assisting customers with general queries. David is our new Support Analyst, taking over from Duncan who has recently left us, he will be supporting DH Systems customers with our Frontier Salvage and Frontier Dismantling software and he will also be supporting DH Systems IT infrastructure. Our new web developer Hélder is responsible for maintaining existing websites, creating new customer websites and developing new technology for all our websites.
We have written an article on Kelly, David and Hélder so if you want to learn more about them you can head over to our website and read our latest news stories.



We have just released a new service to send text messages to your customers. You can send a message directly from both Frontier Salvage and Frontier Dismantling to any UK mobile number. We can also automate messages, such as when parts or vehicles are ready for collection, or outstanding balances on invoices and payments received.

If a customer replies, we send you the reply via email so you can keep up with the conversation. We can also write you a custom message handler, such as ‘reply delivery for a quote’, and our system will process the intention of the message and then pass the message onto the right department.


We have created completed list documents for our customers to access for information on our software. The list holds information on bug fixes and new features, it also holds important information regarding upcoming changes and existing software. Each time a new version of our software is released a completed list is created. In the completed lists you will find a description of each new feature which has been added. Screenshots have also been provided which show you step by step how to find the part where the change has been made. Why should you read the completed lists? You will be able to find details on new features that have been added and if a new version is released you can read all about it to get yourself familiar with the new version. You can access the completed lists by following the steps and screenshots below.

Frontier Dismantling > Opening Screen > Go To “Help” option:





Help Drop Down Options > “Dismantling User Guide”:


Take user to Help Documentation > Opening Screen (example):3








Select “What’s new?” option:


…either click in “Completed List x.xx” (in left-hand panel) to view documentation…5








… or click on “PDF Format” of relevant file …6










Responsive websites allow a website to adapt and provide an optimal experience on any device it’s being accessed from. Having a responsive website is essential as your website should look and function perfectly for a user on a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Here at DH Systems we can take care of this for you and can create a web page that responds to or resizes itself depending on the type of device it is being seen through. The importance of responsive websites is increasing as the number of people accessing websites through mobile devices also increases.
If you would like to increase your conversion rates and overall traffic, then contact us now for more information on how we can help.




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Stewart Brewing is an award winning brewers, stocking a wide range of beers including core range, hop series, limited editions, mixed cases, cask regulars and keg regulars. Their ‘radical road’ beer has just recently won the World beer award. Stewart Brewing also offer other services such as Brewery tours, where you can get an insight into the creative process of making beer and flavors and shown around the brewery. Visit their site to browse the large selection of beers!

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