Introducing Our New Training Method

TRAININGTraining Videos

DH Systems are continuing to improve our training material to help you get the most out of our software and to help you understand clearly how it works. As well as our 1:1 meetings, workroom based sessions, modules and workshops which we currently have in place, we have now also released training videos. This training method allows you to follow step by step the process for using our software. The training videos will be created by our Documentation and Training Manager Graeme and you will be walked through exactly what you need to do to use the software correctly.

Click here to view a sample training video. You can take a look at our first training demo which shows you the steps on how to Find a Part and how to Create an Order in Frontier Dismantling. In this video you can see each page that is displayed in the process of finding a part and creating an order and you are walked through the process as it is done. First of all you are shown how you would check if the part is available and shown where to enter the vehicle details. You are then shown how you would select the part that has been chosen and are given the options of selling the part or viewing the part details and it is explained to you how this is done. This video is an example of the demos that will be created for each process to make it easier for you follow and understand our software.

If you are interested in our training videos or learning more about our other training packages we have to offer then please contact us for further information and we will be happy to discuss this or we can help tailor our training to your organisations specific needs.