DH Systems releases PartShark App for Android

DH Systems releases PartShark App for Android

The new PartShark App for Android brings together the functionality of the PartShark website to mobile devices.  Download the App from the Google Play Store today.


PartShark brings together many of the leading parts and breakers suppliers in the UK to have one large list of vehicle parts and breakers, all searchable by your registration number.

Find new, used, cheap and second hand car parts for your vehicle using our distinctive registration number searching.  Prefer not to enter your registration number? Then simply browse to the make, model and series to find your parts and breakers.

When searching with your registration number we are able to grade the matching of your parts to Specific match and Similar match.  A Specific match means that the part matches Make, Model, Mark, Body Shape, Doors, Introduction Date, Engine Size, Fuel Type, Aspiration and Transmission Type & Gears.  A Similar match indicates that the part matches the Make, Model and Mark.

Breaking vehicles are a source of used and second hand car parts. An experienced engineer will select serviceable parts from the breaking vehicles, either as you request any used car parts or to put them into stock. Many used parts are removed from breaking vehicles (sometimes called breakers) and put into stock and are ready to be delivered next day.

The used car parts and breaking vehicles listed on PartShark are available throughout the UK. You can collect car parts from the vehicle dismantlers parts and service counters or have the second hand car parts delivered directly to your door or repair centre.  Please contact the seller for more information. By purchasing a second hand or used car part you are helping the environment and saving money.

PartShark – used parts & breaking vehicles – launch

PartShark – Used Parts & Breaking Vehicles

DH Systems has recently launched PartShark – a new website for finding used car parts, used motorbike parts and all types of breaking vehicles from the UK’s leading vehicle recyclers. The group stock from our customers is listed on PartShark for your convenience.

Find parts by number plate

One of the best features of PartShark is the ability to enter your car registration number and immediately view the parts available for your vehicle.  If the parts are not directly available on the shelf, then it’s likely the parts are available ‘on vehicle’ on a breaking vehicle.  Breaking vehicles are cars in stock that are awaiting dismantling for parts.

Browsing makes and models

If you prefer to not enter your registration number or just want to browse the parts, you can quickly find the make and model by either entering the details into the make and model search box, or by clicking through the makes and models pages.

Free text searching for parts

At any time you can simply enter a search for a parts and PartShark will autosuggest matches for you.  Once selected, the parts list will be filtered to your search criteria, making it easy to narrow down the huge selection of parts to just the ones you are interested in.

Parts requests

If you find the part you are interested in, you can click through to enquire or purchase that particular part, or if you prefer, you can enter a parts request on PartShark that will email all members and they will come back with price and availability.

Sell your car

Is your car at the end of its life?  Need to sell it quick?  Want to make sure it’s recycled safely and correctly?  Fill in the sell your car form and get a quote to sell your car to a professional regulated and approved vehicle recycling centre.

New Burnside Motors and Fife Motor Spares website now live

New Burnside Motors and Fife Motor Spares website now live

DH Systems has completed the updates to Burnside Motors and have recently made live a new site for Fife Motor Spares.

Both new sites make use of the registration lookup feature that allows users to enter their vehicle registration number and find matching breakers and parts.

Customers can take advantage of several other features, including listings of Salvage Vehicles for sale and an ebay wall which shows the latest items for sale on the ebay store.

SCB – Edinburgh – New website now live

SCB – Edinburgh – New website now live

SCB in Newbridge near Edinburgh revealed the new website today. Designed and powered by DH Systems.

The latest update provides a much simpler and intuitive interface to find vehicles a customer is looking for. Customers are now able to enter their vehicle registration number and the website will find matching vehicles and parts.

Salvage and repairable vehicles can be viewed with prices, detailed damage descriptions and now with an extra section where the website will find all relevant breaking vehicles so the customer can find the spare parts they need directly from the detail page.

There are three levels of matching, the first is a hand selected vehicle that will provide a majority of parts to repair the salvage vehicle. SCB’s assessors have chosen this vehicle as they believe the parts will fit and are suitable for the salvage vehicle.

The second level of matching uses unique data available from DVLA which matches vehicles based on many parameters such as make, model, mark, year, engine type, gearbox type and trim level. This level of match usually chooses vehicles that are all but identical. The third level of matching selects vehicles that are as close to the year and match the make and model.

With all three sets of vehicles, SCB try to give you the best information to find the spare parts you need to repair the salvage vehicle.

On the breaking vehicle page, you are now able to filter vehicles in the traditional manor by selecting the make and model, and you are now able to type in the registration number of the vehicle you require parts for, and the system will take to DVLA in the background and retrieve the vehicle details and then find as many suitable vehicles as possible. There are up to nine levels of matching, first with exact matches down to matching make and model.

SCB have updated the ebay page to present a ‘wall’ of ebay items available and provide an easy way to get straight into the relevant ebay store.

The contact page has been updated to provide better maps to find the locations of the vehicles and present more useful information such as opening times and directions.

MotorHog – now with Vehicle Registration Number lookup

MotorHog – Now with added Registration Number lookup

DH Systems has recently updated motorhog.co.uk with the new feature – vehicle registration number lookup to breaker vehicles.

The simple lookup allows customers to enter their vehicle registration number and find parts that match. This saves having to look through the lists to find a part that may be similar enough to fit.

Once the registration number is entered, the vehicle lists are filtered to show exact matches, similar matches and similar makes and models. Each vehicle in the list is marked as to how close the match will be to the registration number entered.

DH Systems will be rolling this feature out to our customers over the next few weeks and months.