Doncaster – General Release on 15th February 2019

SYNETIQ Launches on March 1st – Delivering higher standards

SYNETIQ is the new name for the merger of the well-established and highly regarded industry  leaders, Motorhog, Car Transplants, FAB Recycling and DH Systems.

No Cash for salvage – providing complete transparency

We are happy to announce that from March 1st when SYNETIQ starts trading we will NOT
be accepting cash payments for vehicle salvage. In consultation with insurance companies and spearheaded by West Midlands Police, we have taken the voluntary step to rule out cash
transactions and provide complete transparency and traceability.


West Midlands Police Chief Superintendent Chris Todd welcomed SYNETIQ’s decision and urged other salvage auction houses to follow suit. ‘SYNETIQ are setting a great  example: they are listening to police concerns over the rise in stolen cars and are taking steps to make it more difficult for crime gangs to exploit the salvage vehicle industry.’

Allianz’s Chief Claims Officer, Graham Gibson said ‘We fully support SYNETIQ’s decision to decline cash payments for vehicle salvage.
As one of the largest commercial and fleet vehicle insurers in the UK we agree that the  responsible management of salvage is important and doing all that wecan to support this important area and helping to make Britain’s roads safer is top of our agenda.’

Richard Martin – Group MD of SYNETIQ said I am delighted that SYNETIQ is leading the industry with regard to compliance and transparency. We have worked closely with our clients and the authorities and will continue to drive up standards and trust, in both our business and the industry.’

GDPR – Protecting personal data, whatever form it is held in.


Modern vehicles increasingly hold more and more data about their owner and drivers. This can range from sat-navs to integration with mobile phones or black box systems for insurance tracking.

We have deployed GDPR compliant processes across our business to  ensure that personal data is guarded at every step. All personal data is removed from vehicles and systems before they are disposed of to ensure that data isn’t inadvertently ‘sold on’ with the vehicle or any components.

Our IT systems are all hosted within the UK so when we work with insurance
companies to process a claim personal data never leaves our shores.


Our new fleet is ready to roll

Work is well underway preparing our vehicle fleet to proudly promote our new brand. Watch out for them on the road.



Motorhog, Car Transplants,
FAB Recycling and DH Systems have merged to create SYNETIQ. Each of the four businesses share the same values and commitment to clients, compliant processes, reputation, peo­ple and the environment. This, alongside the new businesses’ combined capability, scale and experience, makes SYNETIQ the platform for their ambitious drive to do even more for clients and the industry.

With a market-leading proposition combining unrivalled scale, capacity, know how, great people and technology SYNETIQ is set to become the ‘go-to’ choice for an industry that values safety, compliance, efficiency and strong partnerships. We have ambitious plans for growth, built upon trusted partnerships and integrity.

The SYNETIQ name is new but the people behind SYNETIQ are well-known and highly regarded industry figures, who between them have over 250 years of industry experience.

Press Contact: Tom Rumboll,
TR Advisory


Press release – Merger discussions

PRESS RELEASE 18/05/2018


Merger discussions involving Motorhog Ltd, Car Transplants Ltd and DH Systems Consultancy Ltd.

Car Transplants Limited, Motorhog Limited and DH Systems Consultancy Limited are in discussion about combining their strengths and resources within the salvage, parts, technology and recycling industries. All parties believe this will create real benefit, creating an unparalleled offering to the insurance, bodyshop and vehicle disposal sectors.


The combined facilities, technology and geographical footprint will create a unique and fully-integrated solution to the market.


Motorhog and Car Transplants share the same high standards and compliant approach, with a commitment to the safe and responsible management and disposal of salvage. At the heart of both business models is the focus on removing the reputational risk to clients, the companies have achieved ISO 14001 certification. All three businesses have also achieved ISO 27001 certification.


DH Systems Consultancy has developed the industry’s leading salvage and dismantling software, websites, online auctions and apps. Motorhog’s recent acquisition of FAB Recycling Ltd enables DH Systems to continue the development of a market changing parts procurements system to supply recycled parts directly to bodyshops, offering unprecedented access to cost effective “green” OE parts.


The three companies will continue to work directly with their existing clients whilst working together to explore new business opportunities.


Dave Harcourt, Director, DH Systems Consultancy Ltd “We are delighted to be in merger discussions with the most progressive and successful salvage and dismantling companies in the UK and I am personally looking forward to working more closely with Richard’s and John’s teams at Motorhog and Car Transplants.’’


Richard Martin, Managing Director, Motorhog Ltd – “This is great news for the salvage and dismantling industry here in the UK. Sharing our resources and knowledge can only help us support our clients more effectively. Having worked with Dave Harcourt for many years and closely with John and Mark at Car Transplants it’s exciting times.”


John Schofield, Managing Director, Car Transplants Ltd “I’ve known Richard and Dave for many years and admired what they have individually achieved and the proposal to combine the Car Transplants brand alongside Motorhog and DH Systems is very exciting and unlike anything that has been done before.”


Jason Cross, Managing Director, Fab Recycling Ltd “I have long been an admirer of all the companies and individuals involved in this merger.  All the key elements are in place to make this the UK’s most formidable green parts and salvage solution providers and I look forward to playing my part as it develops.”

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