New brochure for 2016!










Our 2016 brochure gives you a quick overview of each one of our products and gives you a breakdown of the key features and benefits of each product. You can read about our all new products including EZ Parts – our complete solution for your self-service yard and read more about our core products Frontier Salvage and Frontier Dismantling. Understand our all in one Android app, Frontier Mobile, and read about its top features. Take a look at our new and improved product logos in our brochure which have recently been updated.

Read about PartShark, our desktop, mobile and web solutions and how this can enhance the speed and efficiency of managing your yard. Our products are listed in our brochure each with their own brief description on what they provide. Download our vibrant new brochure and get more information on the services we provide, the support we have to offer and the products that can benefit you.


frontier-salvage-icon-fullFrontier Vehicle Salvage
frontier-dismantling-icon-fullFrontier Vehicle Dismantling
web-ebay-(1)Frontier ebay module
frontier-tsd-icon-fullFrontier Touch Screen Dismantling
frontier-tsp-icon-fullFrontier Touch Screen Packaging
frontier-dashboard-icon-fullFrontier Dashboard
websitesWebsites & Apps
frontier-vista-icon-fullFrontier VISTA
support_0Frontier Support & Training
frontier-mobile-icon-full2Frontier Mobile
frontier-recovery-full-2Frontier Recovery
FINAL-frontier-salesFrontier Sales Screen(ScreenShark)
itsupportdev1IT & Server Support
phonesystems2Telephone Systems
frontier-sms-fullFrontier SMS Messaging
frontier-signature-icon-fullFrontier Signature
mydatasharkFrontier MyDataShark




Download our brochure here


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