Vehicle payments go live on auction sites


Online auction payments are now available on Motorhog’s auction site when buying a Motorhog vehicle. This feature allows winners of the auction to now pay online for the vehicles that they have won. Sage Pay payment gateway is used to take your payment online and you can pay using debit or credit card. You will save time and effort by making vehicle payments online and with this new feature being available you can now complete your purchase in just 4 simple steps! Your payments can be made safely as it is secured by Sage Pay.



Below is a screenshot of Motorhog’s auction site. The screenshot shows you a vehicle that you have won on auction. It shows the vehicle details as well as the bids you have made on it. To pay for the vehicle you have won you can click on the Pay Now button.a1


When you click on pay now, it allows you to view the auction sale information,  showing you the price of the vehicle, the auction fees and the total cost. Below this you can see the payment options section where you can choose your payment method. You have the option of bank transfer, debit card, credit card and cash. Beside each one it shows you the additional cost added to you by using that particular payment method.a3a4


Once you select your payment method you are able to enter your billing information and card details and you can also edit any previously saved details here. When you are done you can click on confirm card details.a5


You will be taken through to a purchase authentication page where you will have to enter your password to verify your identification and to authorize your payment. Once you have entered the correct details click on submit.a6


Once submitted you will be presented with a Thank you page to confirm your payment has been processed. It gives you a summary of the payment details and the vehicle details. There is also a Return to My Vehicles button which allows you to  go back and view the list of your vehicles that you have won at auction.a7The button next to this vehicle should now show as Paid and the date you paid it on.a8