SEO and Metadata


What is Metadata?

Metadata is a set of data that describes and gives information about other data. Without metadata we weaken our ability to drive people from search engines to our sites. Nearly all metadata is invisible to your visitors and customers. It lives and works behind the scenes in the HTML of your web pages. Metadata is important to drive traffic to your page and to get your page to the top of Google.  There are 3 main pieces of information included in metadata – Title, description, keyword/phrases.

Every page must have a meta title as it plays an important role in how your website is perceived and it has to sum up what your site is about.











The meta description is equally as important as it provides an explanation of what your site is about which allows the visitor to see if this is the correct page they are looking for.






Your SEO keywords are the keywords and phrases in your web content that make it possible for people to find your site via search engines. If you use the proper keywords you will get more search engine traffic and if you optimize your website keywords it will help you rank faster.

What do your customers type in to find you? If someone searches for ‘Scrap my car’ or ‘Sell my car’ to find your company, it is such a generic search phrase that it would be difficult to get your web page to the top of Google. This is where adverts get expensive for generic phrases because everyone wants them. Good use of keywords and phrases will help get your website a better ranking in search engines.

Here is an example of all the different web pages that come up when you search for Scrap my car. The top pages are Ad’s where the company has paid for the best rankings in Google. If you get your metadata just right you will be able to get to the first page of Google without having to pay the expense of ads



We are currently coming up with fresh metadata for our new DH Systems site. We have been researching the most searched for phrases people use when looking for our website on search engines and making sure we include these keywords and phrases in our new metadata. Want to see your website at the top of Google? We can do the same research on your site and come up with metadata that will optimize your site and drive as much traffic as possible to your web page!     Contact us now for further details.