July 2016 Newsletter



Nearly made July Newsletter

It’s been another busy month at DH Systems.  We barely noticed July and summer seems to have passed us by.  As always we are continuously working hard on updating our desktop and website software and have been pushing out updates recently.  Read on to hear about what we’ve been up to…



We would like to say a big thank you to those of you who stopped by DH Systems stand at the CARS Expo. It was great to have the opportunity to speak to new people and to discuss how DH Systems can help your business. We had an excellent turn out with a busy two days at CARS and we were able to show visitors live demos of our products. We hope you enjoyed the demos and learned more about what DH Systems has to offer. We also had a fantastic night at the Gala dinner on Wednesday with the team at FAB and Darren from Combellacks. Great food, entertainment and a lot of wine in the Launchpad Suite at Donington Park Circuit, a great opportunity for networking.

For more information or to request a demo please contact us directly.


Get to Know Steve

Steve was born and raised in Coventry, home to many car manufacturers and both his parents had long careers with Jaguar Cars and his brother currently works at Aston Martin.

Steve started his computer experience on a Sinclair Spectrum at his neighbours house before acquiring a Z80 based Tatung Einstein computer where he learned to program in assembler, then starting University taking a course in Computer Science. At one time Steve was the youngest engineer at IBM, where he worked for several years on mainframes and mini-computers and ended up working on the UK cheque clearing and payment machines based in Northampton.

Then back to assembler, this time x86 with Phoenix BIOS, then over to Seattle in the USA for a few years working on Embedded BIOS, followed by a 15,000 mile US road trip.  Back to reality in the UK where Steve started his own website design business making all kinds of websites before joining a furniture company and designing their website along with office layouts, logos, graphics and anything else he could get his hands on.

Steve ultimately joined DH Systems about six years ago where his first project was to launch the SalvageMarket auction site, that has been running over five years now and has sold nearly half a million vehicles.  Six years in and the web team has gone from one person to five and one website to over sixty websites.

Steve is married, has a dog called Faraday and a cat called Newton.  Steve’s hobbies include photography, travel, acoustic guitar and he runs the website for an animal rescue charity.  Steve spends his time listening to music and playing the odd game on PS4 – currently Uncharted 4.

What is your favourite film?
Both “The Fifth Element” and “Leon”

What is your favourite food?
Pizza, pasta, chicken curry

What do you enjoy most about your role?
I enjoy designing new stuff and teaching

An interesting fact about yourself: I once drove from Los Angeles to Seattle in one day, 1,137 miles!

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Frontier Dismantling ebay news

We continue to improve and enhance our Frontier Dismantling ebay compatible application.  Recently we have started to roll out our new improved responsive ebay templates that are much better for mobile phones and tablets and is now the recommended approach for ebay.

Information from ebay tells us that they are moving towards requiring all sellers to use ebay policies for shipping, returns and terms & conditions.  The good news is that our application is fully compatible with these new policy templates.

To further enhance your listings, we can now link parts together from the same vehicle.  This means that when your customer finds a part on ebay, they can also quickly view the other parts from the same vehicle.  Perhaps your customer needs both a left and right door mirror or wants the entire wheel set you’ve listed individually, now they can find these parts quickly, simply and accurately.

Frontier Dismantling new features

We are just adding the final touches to a brand new feature built directly into Frontier Dismantling.  How would you normally determine which parts to remove from a vehicle?  With our new ranking system that gives you between 1 and 5 stars for each part down to the model level, we can indicate the potential demand and previous sales history of that part.

This is designed to give you a hint in the right direction as to whether you should dismantle this part or not. This brings us onto the next feature, directly next to the ranking.  We can now show you the average dismantle time for each part on a vehicle.  This is also handy to give you an approximate time to prepare the part for sale and can help you cost the time it takes to dismantle the part against the potential profit of the part.




If you are looking for a place with excellent food, great drinks and a homely atmosphere then visit The Makars Gourmet Mash Bar. Located in the heart of Edinburgh with stunning views of the city, The Makars Gourmet Mash Bar is the perfect place for relaxed dining, snacks, coffee or drinks.

Visit their website to view their menu or book a table now.




Stewart Brewing is an award winning brewers, stocking a wide range of beers including core range, hop series, limited editions, mixed cases, cask regulars and keg regulars. Their ‘radical road’ beer has just recently won the World beer award. Stewart Brewing also offer other services such as Brewery tours, where you can get an insight into the creative process of making beer and flavors and shown around the brewery. Visit their site to browse the large selection of beers!

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