August 2016 Newsletter



August Newsletter

Another month has flown by and the winter months are fast approaching. This month we have released our first responsive customer website and we are continuing to work on new projects. We have a very busy month ahead with our staff participating in events which you can read all about and more in this month’s newsletter…



DH Systems Investing in the Future

DH Systems are getting ahead of the game in technology with our brand new server, a Dell PowerEdge R930. The server comes with a massive 1TB of memory installed and E7-4800 v4 processors with 4 processing sockets providing 128 logical processors. The Dell PowerEdge R930 is a top of the range server with lots of capacity to expand the server as well. Dell launched the PowerEdge R930 in April, declaring it their most powerful server to date.




Repossessions UK

We have just released our first responsive website for a customer. Repossessions UK is now live and lists vehicles, plants and other things for sale. Responsive web design provides an optimal viewing and interaction experience – easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning and scrolling across a wide range of devices from desktop computer monitors to mobile phones. It’s taken time to fine tune the designs and find a way to present the information on both desktops and mobile devices.

Have a look for yourself at



Another new responsive site and a new product from DH Systems. We are always looking for new and exciting ways of getting ways of getting used parts into new places. With this in mind, we are developing relationships with body shops and repairers to encourage the usage of used parts in their jobs. AutoPPP is our end-to-end parts procurement platform, a fully customisable, fully integrated white label parts procurement system, designed to save the body shops money and promote the usage of genuine used parts.



Graeme’s Bungee Jump

Our Documentation and Training Manager, Graeme, will be taking part in a 40 metre charity bungee jump for XLP. The jump takes place at Killiecrankie on Saturday 3rd September.

Graeme’s background on the jump: “After a weekend of too many beers, I (along with 7 others) agreed to help my nephew raise money for his chosen charity by bungee jumping. By the time the Monday morning came around, I was the ONLY person left who was still prepared to do this!”

The chosen charity is XLP, the charity aims to serve the community by meeting the social, educational and behavioural needs of young people, empowering them to make wise lifestyle choices and to realise their potential. Visit to find out more.


bungee2    bungee1




Dave has three upcoming races that he is participating in, The Heb, Hell’s Hop and Loch Gu Loch.  The Heb takes place on 3rd-4th September, it is an adventurous journey that includes running, mountain biking, kayaking and navigating in the Hebridean Island chain off the west coast of Scotland. Hell’s Hop arrives in the Outer Hebrides on 10th September, it promises to be an incredible, unique and wild course. The course includes 29K of running and 6K of epic swimming. Dave will also be taking place in Loch Gu Loch, this will be on 1st October in Loch Ness and will consist of an 8K swim and a 47K run.

Dave recently completed the Aberfeldy Half Iron Man, which took place in the surroundings of Highland Perthshire. It included a 1900m Swim, 90K cycle and a 21K run. Well done Dave!

Find out more about the upcoming events by visiting their sites and Facebook page…

Hell’s Hop
Loch Gu Loch





Ransomware is a type of malicious software designed to block access to your computer system and encrypt your files until a sum of money is paid to decrypt them. Malicious programs can enter your system when you open a website or e-mail attachment containing malware. It can also get on your network if it has been misconfigured and your system may be port-scanned and a vulnerability found.

We can help get you setup to keep you as safe as possible from Ransomware. There are multiple ways which can help to prevent infection but it will not protect against all attacks. Make sure you are using an up-to-date computer and virus checking program. Be careful what emails you open such as unexpected invoices, payments, deliveries and don’t open any attachments from anyone you don’t trust, the same goes for links – don’t click on them unless you trust them. Use a content filtering system to block or deny access to unwanted websites and programs and use an external email filtering service to stop or slow virus emails coming into your network. You can have an IT expert to configure your network for maximum safety and you can put an IT policy in place and make sure your staff know what they can and can’t do. Another way to help prevent infection is by having regular backups and make sure they are offline. Most importantly get advice and help before it’s too late!

Call us on 0131 334 7515 for more information and advice.



How long will you wait for a website to load?

The BBC have recently written a column about how long someone will wait for a shopping website to load. According to their research, nearly half of us won’t even wait three seconds for the website to load before going somewhere else. They say just half a second difference in page load times can make a 10% difference in sales for an online retailer. Many don’t even know that their sites are running slowly because their IT teams are concentrating more on keeping the service up and running than on speed and performance.

It is believed a page load time of 2.5 seconds or below strikes the right balance between functionality and speed, so don’t lose potential customers because your website is running too slow!

For more information, read the full article at




If you are looking for a place with excellent food, great drinks and a homely atmosphere then visit Makars Gourmet Mash Bar. Located in the heart of Edinburgh with stunning views of the city it is the perfect place for relaxed dining, snacks, coffee or drinks.

Visit their website to view their menu or book a table now.








Stewart Brewing is Edinburgh’s local, independent brewery. It is one of Scotland’s most successful and reputable breweries. They sell everything from bottled beers to cask & keg brews. Having a party? Stewart Brewing can provide the beer! You can also visit the brewery for a tour and see how it is made.


Click on the video below and see Dave featuring in Stewart Brewing’s advert!