June 2016 Newsletter



June Newsletter


Next month we will be attending CARS EXPO 2016 at Donnington Park Circuit, Derby. The event will be held 13-14 July and will give you the opportunity to come along and see demonstrations of our products and have a chat with us. You can visit the indoor exhibition, skills lab, off-site tours and also attend the conference sessions with your free ticket.



Get your free ticket before it’s too late! Visit CARS website www.cars-expo.com Call 020 7633 4500 or email info@cars-expo.com


We have created a LinkedIn page for DH Systems where we will be posting our latest news stories and we will be using it to connect with our customers. For news and updates search for DH Systems Consultancy Limited and connect with us today.

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We have recently had some staff changes at DH Systems and in the past few months we have welcomed three new faces to the team. Kelly, David and Hélder have all recently joined us and are settling into their roles within DH Systems. Kelly is now responsible for our accounts and administrations, in her role she deals with incoming and outgoing payments, payroll administration, booking staff travel and assisting customers with general queries. David is our new Support Analyst, taking over from Duncan who has recently left us, he will be supporting DH Systems customers with our Frontier Salvage and Frontier Dismantling software and he will also be supporting DH Systems IT infrastructure. Our new web developer Hélder is responsible for maintaining existing websites, creating new customer websites and developing new technology for all our websites.
We have written an article on Kelly, David and Hélder so if you want to learn more about them you can head over to our website and read our latest news stories.



We have just released a new service to send text messages to your customers. You can send a message directly from both Frontier Salvage and Frontier Dismantling to any UK mobile number. We can also automate messages, such as when parts or vehicles are ready for collection, or outstanding balances on invoices and payments received.

If a customer replies, we send you the reply via email so you can keep up with the conversation. We can also write you a custom message handler, such as ‘reply delivery for a quote’, and our system will process the intention of the message and then pass the message onto the right department.


We have created completed list documents for our customers to access for information on our software. The list holds information on bug fixes and new features, it also holds important information regarding upcoming changes and existing software. Each time a new version of our software is released a completed list is created. In the completed lists you will find a description of each new feature which has been added. Screenshots have also been provided which show you step by step how to find the part where the change has been made. Why should you read the completed lists? You will be able to find details on new features that have been added and if a new version is released you can read all about it to get yourself familiar with the new version. You can access the completed lists by following the steps and screenshots below.

Frontier Dismantling > Opening Screen > Go To “Help” option:





Help Drop Down Options > “Dismantling User Guide”:


Take user to Help Documentation > Opening Screen (example):3








Select “What’s new?” option:


…either click in “Completed List x.xx” (in left-hand panel) to view documentation…5








… or click on “PDF Format” of relevant file …6










Responsive websites allow a website to adapt and provide an optimal experience on any device it’s being accessed from. Having a responsive website is essential as your website should look and function perfectly for a user on a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Here at DH Systems we can take care of this for you and can create a web page that responds to or resizes itself depending on the type of device it is being seen through. The importance of responsive websites is increasing as the number of people accessing websites through mobile devices also increases.
If you would like to increase your conversion rates and overall traffic, then contact us now for more information on how we can help.




If you are looking for a place with excellent food, great drinks and a homely atmosphere then visit The Makars Gourmet Mash Bar. Located in the heart of Edinburgh with stunning views of the city, The Makars Gourmet Mash Bar is the perfect place for relaxed dining, snacks, coffee or drinks.

Visit their website to view their menu or book a table now.



Below are some reviews on The Makars Gourmet Mash Bar. 










Stewart Brewing is an award winning brewers, stocking a wide range of beers including core range, hop series, limited editions, mixed cases, cask regulars and keg regulars. Their ‘radical road’ beer has just recently won the World beer award. Stewart Brewing also offer other services such as Brewery tours, where you can get an insight into the creative process of making beer and flavors and shown around the brewery. Visit their site to browse the large selection of beers!

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Get to know Hélder


We have recently welcomed our new Web Developer, Hélder Lopes who joined us back in May. Hélder’s role includes maintaining existing websites, creating new customer websites and developing new technology for all of our websites. Hélder had been living and working in Portugal and has only just moved to Edinburgh. The thing he is most looking forward to is to continue learning and improving his skills as well as adapting to a new reality and getting used to the Scottish accent!

What do you do in your spare time: I like to go for a walk/run, watch a movie and go out with friends.

What is your favourite food?  “Bacalhau com Natas” which is a Portuguese dish, and Pizza of course (lovely Fridays).

Favourite colour:  Blue as my football club – Futebol Clube do Porto


Update from our apprentices


Laura, Jason and Imogen are now half way through their 12 month apprenticeship programme with QA Apprenticeships. They have each been working on new projects and assignments as well as attending their training courses to enable them to pass their apprenticeships at the end of this year. We have caught up with our three apprentices to see what they have been getting up to.


Since our last catch up in February I have been continuing to take care of our social media accounts, updating our website, producing our monthly newsletters and writing news stories. I have introduced our new monthly ‘Get to know…’ article, where we interview a member of staff and write a news story on them to give our customers the chance to learn more about the people behind DH Systems. We recently attended BVSF Annual AGM which I helped prepare for by sending out email communications, posts on social media and I also prepared a presentation. I have recently got our company’s LinkedIn page up and running, which will now feature all of our latest news stories and updates.

All 4 weeks of my training courses with QA have now been completed, I recently did my Google Analytics, email marketing, social media marketing and web development courses. During these courses I learned how to use analytics to accurately measure a websites performance and improve it. I learned how to use email marketing to build and service a high quality community that gets us results and also learned how to write compelling, persuasive content and reach the correct audience. The web development course gave me an understanding of how HTML, CSS and Javascript work and gave me an insight on coding. On the social media marketing course I was taught how to build a targeted fanbase, how to sell more of our products and services through social networks and how to engage with our customers.

I am currently working towards CARS EXPO which we will be attending in July. I am creating presentations, writing content, designing graphics and creating a new brochure for us this year. I am continuing to write weekly news stories, monthly newsletters and posting daily on social media to keep you all updated. I’m looking forward to completing the work for CARS and seeing it all come together on the day.

Below are some screenshots showing the work I have done.

Our ‘Get to know’ articles


Our new, updated LinkedIn page.  Follow us 





The main project I am focusing on at the moment is EZ Parts, it is still currently being developed as I am trying to make it as efficient as possible. I have been continuing to develop EZ Parts, adding features and fixing bugs to make things easier to use. I have recently added a webcam feature which allows users to take pictures of customers with a standard USB webcam to act as a form of identification. 

I have recently completed my HTML, CSS, Javascript and ASP.NET level 3 course. The course was mainly spent creating different types of web pages with HTML and utilizing CSS and Javascript to give the pages extra functionality. We also used ASP.NET to create a more fully functional site, this included multiple pages that had to follow the same design and feature different information.

I am looking forward to seeing EZ Parts launch to customers to gain feedback on my work and to see how the customers are actually using the program. This will help me work more on the programme to tailor it to customers in a way that I can’t currently do in the office.

Here are some screenshots of Jason’s work on EZ Parts.






For the past few weeks, the main project I’ve been working on is a website for our upcoming application EZ-Parts. This is a responsive website that I’ve made from scratch, making this my first big project where I’ve done it all by myself. Between working on this, I’ve been doing smaller tasks whenever they come through, such as adding our client’s social media links to their websites and updating our own website to have up-to-date information on our policies, as well as keeping up with our employees on our meet the team page. I’ve also recently helped implement re-director pages, which are being used with social media to make it easier for clients to upload vehicles to their pages. I have recently created a page for Car Transplants that tells the history of their company which I’m really proud of. We went for a tile design featuring real photos of Car Transplants’ employees and sites, and facts and figures about the company.

Since February I have done two training courses – PHP Fundamentals and PHP Advanced. PHP Fundamentals was a course that focused on the basics of coding with PHP, and also went over how to use MySQL to connect to a database. The following course, PHP Advanced, was targeted at learning how to use PHP as an object oriented language. We then did some work on control management systems including WordPress and Drupal, and there was also more in-depth teaching about using SQL databases.

I’m looking forward to getting the EZ-Parts site finished and getting to view the final product, and seeing it in use once the application is ready for release. I’m also looking forward to working more on client’s sites and adding new features and such when they are needed, as this makes me feel as if the work I’m doing really makes life easier for our clients.

Below are some screenshots of work Imogen has done.

Car Transplants ‘facts’ page


Social media links added to Motorhog’s site11

Contact page on EZ Parts