Goodbye Duncan



This week was Duncan’s last week with DH Systems after joining our team as our Support Analyst for almost two years, he’s now on a journey to full manhood, who knows how many roads he’ll have to walk down, of course he could just hurry up and pass his driving test and he could speed this up.

To celebrate Duncan leaving us, and after checking his pockets, the team went out on Saturday to a Flaming Grill pub where Duncan managed to fail not one, but two of the food challenges.

A few words from Dunc.

” My time at DH Systems has been great, I’ve gained valuable experience in the IT field dealing with all sorts of impossible tasks! I’ve also enhanced my customer service skills by dealing with DH’s clients that are all over the UK, some of which I’ve became friends with. I hope I’ve left my mark at DH and I won’t be forgotten about, and you can all reminisce about my stories of my questionable youth.

Pizza Friday will be missed, there is no doubt about that, but I won’t miss the trains that are always running late or when there’s 400 people crammed into a carriage that’s only been designed for 100 people.  I will miss travelling in the toilet to avoid buying a ticket.

I wish everybody at DH Systems the best going forwards, from the new apprentices to all the developers and the big cheese at the top – Dave. I have no doubts there will be an increase in clients and existing clients upgrading to the .NET system to keep everybody busy and wages going up (and Dave’s luxurious skiing trips). Thanks for putting up with my s**t for the last 21 months.”

We wish Duncan good luck and all the best in his new role.

Some pictures from Saturday…

du       duncan 2 duncan 3      dunca n 4


April 2016 Newsletter


April Newsletter

April is upon us already and it’s barely stopped snowing in Scotland. The air conditioning in our office has hardly been used, we are looking forward to some warm weather for a change.

We have been busy as always with the BVSF AGM in Coventry and some staff changes in the office. We will update you about the staff changes in the next newsletter due in May.

Any feedback about our newsletter? We would welcome any thoughts you have good or bad, please email us at and let us know. Want to be featured? We are looking for any of your news you want to share, we would also like to feature some of your companies and procedures in our monthly updates.


We attended the BVSF AGM this year at Coombe Abbey.  A big thank you to Roger West for organising this event.

As tradition dictates, Dave Harcourt at DH Systems picked up the wine bill for the meal this year, we hope everyone had a nice time.  Did anyone miss Dave’s new magic show?

d 2      3

DH Systems announces Dave’s new evening entertainment show where you can watch The Incredible Dave bend a series of other people’s cutlery in front of your very eyes, and watch as Dave opens a bottle of wine (in under 10 minutes) with just the power of his sheer will, a teaspoon and some mild audience participation. Book now to avoid disappointment.

hHugh ordered a couple of drinks for the table

We held our DH Systems Annual Forum on the day after the AGM.  We appreciate the customers who came to see us and if you didn’t, you missed:

  • Demonstrations of our latest products
  • A chat about EZ-Route our new delivery and collection feature
  • A chat about EZ-Parts and some enhanced features
  • Twitter and Facebook from the desktop systems
  • Training and help manuals
  • Social media brief – what can we do and why you should care
  • And much more…

See you at the next one?
If you missed talking to us, we will be attending CARS EXPO 2016 so come along and see us!


We are getting closer to the CARS trade show which will be held 13th-14th July 2016 at Donnington Park Circuit, Derby. CARS is Europe’s premier event of auto recyclers and secondary materials. It is the only event of its kind, asked for by the industry, covering all aspects of the sector.

Come along and visit us at the CARS trade show to see demonstrations of our products, attend the conference sessions and much more including the indoor exhibition, skills lab and off-site tours.

t For your free ticket visit CARS website Call 020 7633 4500 or email


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Unfortunately some of our customers have recently been infected with some nasty ransomware.  Basically your computer gets infected and a malicious program encrypts most of the files on your computer so you have to pay a ransom to decrypt them.

There are a number of ways the malicious program can get into your computer or network.  Sometimes your network might be misconfigured and your system may be port-scanned and a vulnerability found.  Otherwise the most likely way for this kind of program to get on your computer is to open a virus laden email or visit a website that has a been infected.

There are ways to mitigate but not totally eliminate the risks of ransomware:

  • Use an up-to-date computer with all the Windows/Operating System updates applied
  • Use a virus checking program that is up-to-date and has the latest definitions
  • Don’t open emails that look suspicious, such as unexpected invoices, payments, deliveries
  • Don’t open any attachments from anyone you don’t trust
  • Don’t click on any links unless you trust them, such as any emailed links or links from naughty websites
  • Have an IT expert configure your network for maximum safety
  • Use a content filtering system to block or deny access to unwanted website and programs
  • Use an external email filtering service to stop or slow virus emails coming into your network
  • Have an IT policy in place and make sure staff know what they can and can’t do
  • Have regular backups and make sure they are offline (as some ransomware can scan your network and encrypt your backups)
  • Get advice and help before it’s too late

Not sure if you are safe?  Give us a call, we can help advise you and get you setup to keep you as safe as possible.


Many of our customers have already upgraded to the new Frontier version, mostly known as the .NET (dot net) version. If you have not yet decided to upgrade to the new version, we urge you to consider upgrading this year, let’s make 2016 the year of upgrades.

Not sure what to do?
Why not come and see us at CARS this year, you can see the new system in operation and decide for yourself. We’ll be pleased to give  you a demo, answer any questions and show you all the new features and add-ons you can get to work with the system. See you there?


SCB have recently introduced a new method of photographing parts for their website and ebay. SCB’s new photo booth improves the quality of their images, which is extremely important as your online presence is dictated by your image.

Previously SCB took their photos on a basic table with no special lighting, this resulted in images with a distracting background and left the images looking unclear. Now, with their specially designed photo booth, images are clean looking and great quality and with the plain white background it is easy to focus on the part. These high quality images also allow SCB to show their best parts on ebay.

This week we visited SCB to see the photo booth in action. Here are some pictures…

1 2s 3s


Before                                                                          After

4 5


Before                                                                            After

6 7

SCB are currently developing the photo booth to allow larger parts like interior or engines to be photographed with the same quality, as the current surface would not hold the weight of these parts, they are looking to build a stronger extension on to the current photo booth surface.



Fancy a beer?

Stewart Brewing is Edinburgh’s local, independent brewery and is one of Scotland’s most successful and reputable breweries. Whether you’re looking for bottles, casks or kegs – they have them all! If you’re looking for high quality beers and exceptional customer service then head over to their website to view their wide range of award winning products.
twitter @StewartBrewing


Relax and take a break.

The Makar’s Rest is a restaurant situated in Edinburgh, serving the finest Scottish food and drink. Come along for some great food or to simply try out their selection of hand picked beers and wines. Visit their website to view their delicious menu or to book a table. or search for The Makars Rest on Facebook.