Get to Know Graeme


The next member of staff we have chosen to question for our ‘Get to know…’ articles, is Graeme, so let’s learn more about him. Graeme joined DH Systems almost 8 months ago, as our Documentation and Training Manager. Before joining us back in August 2015, he worked for the Scottish Prison Service. Now a day in the life of Graeme consists of keeping online “User Guides” up-to-date and providing on-site training for customers when required.

Outside of work, Graeme spends his time playing most sports. In the winter he plays squash and in the Summer he enjoys playing golf, hill-walking and touring around Scotland. He has recently been selected to play for Scotland at Squash in the next month’s Masters Home Internationals.

What is the best part of your job?

The variety of work; learning new skills; watching DH Systems’ products evolve, adapt to technological changes and improve; the opportunity to travel across the UK visiting customers for training.

What is your favourite film?

The Godfather and The Shawshank Redemption.

What is your favourite song?

Too difficult to choose… “Losing my Religion” by REM or “Stairway to Heaven” by Led Zeppelin… plus many, many more.

Interesting fact: Graeme used to live in Gabon, Africa.

Here are a few pictures of Graeme…

bbq1           saints1

CWG1               Brae2

Pets of DH Systems


Can you guess which pet belongs to which one of our DH Systems team members?

419px-Paw-print.svgScroll down for the answers…


















Imogen attends ‘Girls in Tech’ session at Microsoft


Our apprentice Web Developer Imogen, attends  ‘Girls in Tech’ session, at Microsoft’s headquarters in Edinburgh. This is the first session following the recent launch of the ‘Girls into Digital World’ programme run by Skills Development Scotland. This programme was developed to give girls an understanding of the opportunities they have to begin a career in digital technology and allows them to meet inspirational women in tech.

The kick-off session consisted of a speed-networking style event and gave a group of girls from various schools the chance to speak to tech apprentices and understand the different routes to start a digital career. They also had the chance to network with women who are role models in the tech world.

Imogen was joined by Cristina at QA along with two other QA Apprentices and spent the day speaking to students about her Web Developer apprenticeship and explained what we do here at DH Systems. She discussed how she works within our company and gave the students advice on why she thinks taking an apprenticeship is a great way to start a career in tech. At the end of the session the apprentices answered questions from the students and spoke about their different experiences in their roles. There was also some free pizza enjoyed by all!

Here are some pictures from the session…

CdmDS0sWoAA9LkR.jpg large







March 2016 Newsletter

march 1

march 2

march 3

The 2016 BVSF AGM is only a month away and will be coming to the Coombe Abbey Hotel in Coventry on 14th April. DH Systems will be attending the event so be sure to drop by our booth during the day in the entrance hall.

On Friday 15th April DH Systems will be holding our annual forum, you can take this time to visit us for the latest information on our products and newest features. We will be giving demonstrations of our products and you will also have the chance to give DH Systems feedback. Please contact us if you would like more information.


march 4

The 2016 CARS EXPO will be held at Donnington Park Circuit, Derby on 13-14th July. CARS EXPO is Europe’s premier event for auto recyclers and material processors. It gives you the opportunity to see live demonstrations of products and machinery in use as well as the chance to visit off-site garage tours and the Skills Lab. Your free ticket also includes access to the conference sessions.

march5 For your free ticket visit CARS website Call 020 7633 4500 or email


march 5

We post the latest news and updates daily on our Twitter feed to keep you up to speed with all things DH Systems! Follow our Twitter @dhsystems or search for us on Facebook.

We are continuing to build up our individual products Twitter and Facebook presence where we will post on each page with the newest feature releases. Follow our pages below.

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march 6

Are you looking for a Phone system that is easy to set up with no line fees? Our IP Phone System is for you. IP Phone Systems are network based and only requires internet connection rather than dedicated telephone wires to place calls. IP Phone Systems are ideal for small and growing businesses and are simple to set up. There are generally no line fees for IP Phone Systems, the only cost to you is the cost of calls! Our IP Phone System includes full features such as voicemail, menu options and the option to connect your mobile allowing you to answer when outside of the office. Some of the benefits IP Phone systems have are unlimited simultaneous calls, unlimited extensions, plug-and-phone setup: start making calls on a new extension within five minutes, integrated global phonebook, conference calls and personal voicemail inboxes.

If you want to find out more about IP Phone Systems call us on 0131 334 7515 or visit our website for more information.


march 7

As you process vehicles and parts through your system, the image files need to be stored somewhere.  A lot of our customers use a NAS (Network Attached Storage) device and recently many of you have started to run out of disk space unexpectedly.  This has quite a serious consequence as you are no longer able to add images to vehicles and parts, and it can take a week or more and acquire provision new storage space before you are back in business.

Do you need some advice or help with your NAS or network set up?  We have an IT department who specialise in setting up servers and networks for use with your Salvage and Dismantling operations.  We can help you get the most out of your system and plan for the future.

If you are concerned about your storage or would like us to audit your usage patterns and help you plan for the future, give us a call on 0131 334 7515.


march 8

march 9

We host many of your websites already, however we can also host any website for you.  We offer LAMP hosting on our server and can help you transition your website across, we can help you design and update any website and create anything you wish from scratch.

march 10

We offer email hosting services, either through Exchange in the cloud or Google Apps in the cloud.  Both have their merits and we can help you get setup and choose the service best suited for you.


We offer cloud backups to our customers.  There are many benefits of having backups and many benefits to using the cloud to store your backups.  A quick summary of the benefits include offsite backup and having multi-redundant backups.  This will allow you to recover your database in many different scenarios including fire, flood, theft and malicious damage.



We will now recommend that you secure your website with an up-to-date security certificate.  HTTPS means that the data that flows between the users browser and our server is encrypted and secured.  This is fast becoming the norm for all websites that take and process personal information such as when your visitors enter details into a contact or enquiry form.
As web users get more tech-savvy, they will expect all websites to use this technology, and with the latest extended-validation certificates installed by us on your website, your company name will glow green in the address bar confirming your identity and giving your customers the added sense that you take their privacy and security seriously.

Not sure what to do next?  Give our web team a call to discuss the options available for your website. 0131 334 7515




Fancy a beer?

Stewart Brewing is Edinburgh’s local, independent brewery and is one of Scotland’s most successful and reputable breweries. Whether your looking for bottles, casks or kegs – they have them all! If you’re looking for high quality beers and exceptional customer service then head over to their website to view their wide range of award winning products.

aieoj9jxT  g @StewartBrewing


Relax and take a break.
The Makar’s Rest is a restaurant situated in Edinburgh, serving the finest Scottish food and drink. Come along for some great food or to simply try out their selection of hand picked beers and wines. Visit their website to view their delicious menu or to book a table.

aieoj9jxTe1e5f0d9b08793e4172c6b348c40b0f6wine-clip-art-wine_in_glass or search for The Makars Rest on Facebook.


Imogen meets Annabelle Ewing


This week is Scottish Modern Apprenticeship week 2016 and as part of this, Skills Development Scotland have launched a ‘Girls into Digital World’ programme. Girls into Digital World has been developed to show girls that a career in digital technology is something they can consider and see as an option. The programme gives them a taste of a what a day in the life of a technology professional is like and also allows them to take the opportunity to meet women who are inspirations in the tech world.

Our apprentice Web Developer Imogen Anderson was invited by Cristina Comas at QA Apprenticeships to go along to attend the session at Microsoft’s Scottish Headquarters. Imogen and a group of female apprentices were there to answer any questions from High School students who have an interest in beginning a career in Digital Technology.

Each of the apprentices spoke about why they chose to do an apprenticeship and what they are enjoying in their current roles. They discussed the different options the students have when leaving school, the barriers faced as females in the industry and why girls are less likely to take computing in school. Imogen also got the opportunity to meet Annabelle Ewing, the Minister of Youth and Women’s Employment in the Scottish Government. Annabelle spent some time asking the apprentices and students questions to get to know them more.

The session was a success and Imogen enjoyed getting to hear about other apprentice’s work and helping the High School students feel more at ease about embarking on their career in Digital Technology.

Here are some pictures from the day!

 annabelletweet annabelle

Annabelle Ewing, Minister of Youth and Women’s Employment.


imogen and apprentices

Two of QA’s Apprentices, our Web Developer Imogen and Cristina from QA.


A&I Annabelle Ewing and Imogen

microsoft tweet