Steve’s 6th Year With DH Systems!



On 25th February, 6 years ago, our General Manager and Head of Web Development, Steve Robbins joined the DH Systems team. In the past 6 years we have achieved a lot at DH Systems including creating our very first auction site which was launched by Steve. You can see some of our achievements above, including the amount of vehicles sold at auction, the amount of bids, the amount of emails we have sent, how many page views we have had and the most popular vehicle makes, all in the past 6 years.

Congratulations on your 6th year with DH Systems Steve and thank you for all your hard work!


February 2016 Newsletter

February Newsletter

The 2016 BVSF AGM is fast approaching and will be held on 14th April at the Coombe Abbey Hotel in Coventry, we will be available during the day at our booth in the entrance hall. DH Systems will be holding our annual forum on Friday 15th April where you can come along for more information on our latest products and features. Visit our booth for demonstrations of our products and take the opportunity to give DH Systems feedback. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


On 13-14th July the 2016 CARS EXPO will be held at Donington Park Circuit, Derby. This is the perfect time for you to see demonstrations of products and machinery in action and to visit the indoor exhibition, the skills lab, off-site tours and also the conference sessions for all the information you need from Europe’s premier event for auto recyclers and material processors.

 If you don’t already have your free ticket visit CARS website Call 020 7633 4500 or email


This month we have been busy creating new Facebook and Twitter accounts for our ScreenShark, WheelShark, HelloShark and TyreShark products. These accounts will be used to keep you in the loop with any new features and updates on the individual product you are interested in. You can read all about our Shark products and what they have to offer in this month and next month’s newsletter.

@TyreShark                                                                         @ScreenShark_
@HelloShark_                                                             @WheelShark

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Have you seen our twitter feed? The good, the bad and the pizza. 

Don’t forget to follow DH Systems main twitter account for the latest news and pizza updates. @dhsystems


We have recently added some exciting new features to DataShark and as a result we have renamed the product to MyDataShark. MyDatashark is your all in one status screen which gives you a management overview of your company’s performance. The screen provides you with important information on your company such as vehicle movements, sales, imports, targets and performance. Each screen is configurable by the user and you can change the boxes of information as you wish to create your perfect overview. With our recent updates we have improved MyDataShark to now allow you to record historical data on the system so you can measure your performance over weeks and months and compare previous data with your current data, allowing you to have simple access to all of the information you need.

Below are some screenshots of MyDataShark in action.


Keeping your customers informed has never been easier with HelloShark. HelloShark is an auto email system that keeps your customers updated on the latest vehicles, parts, auctions, breakers, ebay items or any other kind of information you have in your database. It is completely hassle free for you as the information is automatically generated from your desktop database and is sent to your customers weekly.

HelloShark can harvest email addresses from people who use your website and you can customise the items on a weekly basis if you want to talk about something in particular. We manage all the subscriptions, un-subscriptions and all aspects of managing the email list so all you have to do I set it up once and off it goes!


ScreenShark is an application which provides an advertising screen for waiting rooms, sales areas and receptions which can display vehicles and adverts to customers. ScreenShark is great for customising your screen to show information your customers will be interested in.

The screen be customised to include your company logo and also additional information such as weather, time, live traffic map, sport or news headlines or your Twitter feed. As well as this information the screen can also show occasional adverts which can be uploaded as flat jpeg images, for example, Sell My Car promotions, Wanted items, Scrap Metal prices etc. You can change the settings and adverts independently with this application, giving you control over screen timings and advert insertion rate.

This is an example screen of our ScreenShark application. On this screen you can see the company logo, date, time and traffic map.


What now?

Want to find out more about our Shark products? Request a demo now by contacting us directly. 

Catch Up With Our Apprentices


Our three apprentices joined us at the end of 2015 on a 12 month programme through QA Apprenticeships. They are settling into their new roles as part of the DH Systems team and are coming on leaps and bounds. Laura, Imogen and Jason have all attended their first training courses and are now applying what they have learned to their work. As well as the training courses, each of our apprentices are being assessed to pass their apprenticeships by their mentors, Andrew Miller and Kareem Shaker. We have had a catch up with Laura, Imogen and Jason so let’s see how they are getting on.


Laura joined us back in December 2015 as our Digital Marketing apprentice. She is responsible for maintaining all aspects of our digital marketing including our social media pages and email campaigns. Laura is now able to provide her Digital Marketing services to our customers, she can take control of all things marketing such as social media, online campaigns and Google analytic accounts.

Since joining DH Systems Laura has expanded our social media presence by creating 17 new Twitter and Facebook pages for each of our individual products. As well as creating new social media pages she has also been updating our own DH Systems main Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus page regularly by writing posts and dedicating time to engage with our customers. News stories are created and posted on the website frequently by Laura as well as our new monthly newsletter service which she has been responsible for. Laura has also learned how to use Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop and created some great graphics which you can see on each news story that has been posted recently.

Laura is currently working on our products social media pages and getting these updated with the latest features. She has begun preparing for BVSF and CARS events this year by making new brochures, PowerPoints and graphics for us to use.

So far Laura has attended the Digital marketing boot camp, Adobe Photoshop and SEO marketing training courses and has another two weeks of her training to complete. During the training courses she has attended she has gained a more in depth knowledge and understanding of Digital Marketing and its fundamentals and strategy. Laura can now easily create graphics using Photoshop and Illustrator and has learned about Search Engine Optimization which she is keen to put into practice when using Google analytics.

What are you enjoying most about your role?

My job is really interesting and fun, I always have lots to do and am kept busy. I enjoy creating graphics and content for the public to see. It has really brightened up our website and our social media pages by posting and updating them regularly.  I have learned so much in the few months that I have been here and I’m looking forward to becoming an expert in Google analytics and completing my training so I can find new ways and ideas to promote DH Systems and being able to gain more customers through work that I have done.

Below are a few screenshots of work Laura has done – December Newsletter and our Twitter feed.


Our Google+ page has also been updated…screenshot-2


Imogen is our Web Developer apprentice and it is her job to maintain existing client websites and develop new websites. She also designs and program websites to work efficiently. Imogen is responsible for planning, creating and coding web pages.

Since joining in October 2015 Imogen has completed two weeks of her training and has a further six weeks of training left. Imogen has recently completed her Open Source Web Development course which has taught her how to make a simple HTML website consistent styling. She also learned how to correctly use HTML tags to appropriately section web pages, and looked at how to correctly apply IDs and classes to tags using CSS. Imogen also learned about JavaScript, and was shown how to put in a simple JS validation form into a web page.

During her time at DH Systems Imogen has been working on creating a diary log website that could be used to keep track of what she does on a day to day basis. She worked on all of the technical aspects and the design, giving her an understanding of both the technical and design sides of web development.

Imogen is currently working on installing and upgrading WordPress on multiple websites. She is also going through the domains hosted by DH Systems to see what is still in use so we can dispose any unused projects or files. Imogen will continue to work on tasks for clients and will give her assistance on working on jobs that need done to help the team.

What are you enjoying most about your role?

I am really enjoying how involved I am with the company as I have started working on clients’ websites already. This has helped me a lot as I feel applying what you’ve learned is vital to make you understand the way things work. I’ve learned so much about PHP and MySQL and also a lot of other things I had never even considered, like creating virtual servers and the process of uploading to live websites.

You can see some of Imogen’s work in the below screenshots.

Calender page from Imogen’s second version of her Diary Log website.


Imogen worked on some exsisting code for ASWR and put the registration fields in.imogen ss 3


Jason is our Application Developer apprentice and is responsible for focusing on the development of our Frontier products. He also works on bug fixes and general testing of our products as well as providing support to our customers and clients.

Jason joined us in October 2015 and so far has created a program for logging daily activities along with the ability to store images to each log. He has also created a program which displays computer information to make it simpler for users of our frontier products to feedback to DH Systems so we can diagnose any problems efficiently and quickly. Jason is currently working on creating a program using a touchscreen for our clients. He is also continuously working on catching errors in each release of Frontier.

Jason has completed four weeks of his training including .NET Fundamentals, Databases and SQL and has a further four weeks to go until he is finished his training. Jason has learned the basics of C# along with learning how to apply knowledge of other .NET Language. He has also learned the basics of working with SQL Server Management Studio as well as the structure of databases and libraries.

What are you enjoying most about your role?

I am really enjoying being able to work with VB.NET and further my education whilst working with professional software. I am looking forward to fixing bugs and working more on Frontier Salvage and Frontier Dismantling.

Below are some screenshots of the programs Jason has created and has been working on.



Get to know Duncan



Each month we will focus on one of our team members to interview and write a news story on which will be posted on our website. You might speak to them all the time, so let’s get to know them a little better.

Our first team member under interrogation is our Support Analyst, Duncan Warrender, a.k.a. Dunc. When Duncan is not watching the famous Glasgow Rangers he is providing support to our Frontier Salvage and Frontier Dismantling systems via email and telephone. He is also responsible for the IT within DH Systems and for many of our customers, including Northern Salvage and SCB Vehicle Dismantlers, alongside Ksawery – our IT Network Engineer. Before joining DH Systems as our Support Analyst Duncan attended Fife College where he graduated with a BSc in Applied Networking.

Duncan has a Jack Russell named after the colour of his favourite football team – Blue, which is also Duncan’s favourite colour. Outside of work Duncan is a keen cycler and even participated in the Pedal for Scotland Classic Challenge in September 2015. He goes for long walks with his dog (more of a must than a want) and he also likes to spend time with his eight-month old daughter Myla.

A few questions for Duncan…

How long have you been with DH Systems?

I have been with DH Systems since June 2014 – too long, starting to lose my hair!

What do you enjoy most about your role? 

I enjoy resolving the customers issues, so I can get a minute to myself before Dave demands some outrageous task of me, like asking me “Why has Microsoft changed the way Internet Explorer opens a PDF? Can you call and ask?” or when a specific person at Silverlake, let’s call him SM, asks me the hardest Frontier related question he can possibly think of, or when I get 400 calls a day from Prestige! I like getting on with everybody in the office and try to create a positive atmosphere within the DH group. I recently visited Prestige AllParts in Oldham to provide support and training for the upgrade to the new system, and it was fantastic – I hope to do more in the future.

An interesting fact about Duncan: When I was 8 a dog bit straight through my finger – that will teach me for giving it the middle finger.





January 2016 Newsletter

January 2016 Newsletter

DH Systems will be attending the 2016 BVSF, we will have a booth offering demonstrations of our latest products and features.  On Friday 15th April, the day after the BVSF AGM, we will be holding our annual forum which is an opportunity to give DH Systems feedback and help guide the development and future direction of our products.  The DH Systems Forum is open to members of the BVSF and non-members of the BVSF.  Please contact us to discuss if you have any questions.  The Forum will be held in a meeting room at Coombe Abbey.


The Complete Auto Recycling and Secondary Materials (CARS) trade show is Europe’s premier event auto recyclers and secondary materials. It is the only event of its kind, asked for by the industry, covering all aspects of the sector. This year the trade event will be held on 13-14 July 2016 at Donington Park Circuit, Derby.

Visitors to CARS will get the chance to see working demonstrations which allows you to see practical demos of products and machinery enabling you to see which products would be best for you. As well as this, you can visit the skills lab where you can receive practical assistance from expert trainers to improve your techniques and up-skill your staff. You can also experience the indoor exhibition, participate in off-site tours and attend sessions in the Conference Theater as well as CARS Gala Dinner – all of which is included in your free ticket!
To book your free ticket visit CARS website
Call –  020 7633 4500

We continue to expand in social media as we have now created individual Twitter and Facebook accounts for each of our products. We will be using these accounts to update you on the latest features and newest releases on the product which will make it easier for you to keep up to date with the specific product you are interested in. Overall news and updates will still be posted on our DH Systems Facebook/Twitter page.

A list of each of the products Facebook/Twitter pages can be found on the DH Systems pages.  @dhsystems

DH Systems have recently introduced our new training method – training videos! 
Our training videos allow you to watch the step by step process of how to use our software. Our documentation and training manager, Graeme, will talk you through the steps in each video and you will be shown what to do on the screen for you to follow. Training videos make it easier for you to understand how the software works and allows you to get the most out of your staff and software.  Training videos make it easier for you to understand how the software works and allows you to get the most out of your staff and software.

In addition to our new training videos we also have training courses, workshops and modules are also available in a variety of formats including 1:1, small group, class-sized or workroom based sessions. You can contact us for further information regarding our training courses and prices.

We have released our first sample training video which you can view now