DH Systems moves into a new home

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With our continued expansion of new staff, new stuff, old stuff, clutter, dust, crumbs and servers, we simply couldn’t fit in our old office anymore. The solution came to us one night, when an office across the corridor became available – so we simply shedded the old stuff and moved the people, desks and computers to the new office.

The shiny new office is air conditioned, clean and spacious and marginally closer to the car park – all serious consideration. The old office has been decontaminated, shake’d ‘n vac’d, tidied and organised. We now have a meeting room, lunch area and training area ready to welcome visitors and customers.

Frontier Mobile is now Zaptastic!

scannerFrontier Mobile now features Bluetooth barcode scanner integration so you can scan your way through stock management without needing to wait for the device’s camera to catch up.

The Inatech Bluetooth Barcode Scanner is the one we’ve tested out and between it and Frontier Mobile, you can bleep-bleep-bleep your way through your stock while you do a stock check or move items much faster than you could before.

The scanner is available on Amazon, and instructions on how to integrate it with Frontier are available on our app support page.

Reaching greater heights

DH Systems is ramping up to be an even greater force in the vehicle salvage and dismantling industry. We’ve taken on two new staff, with more on the way, and we’re expanding our office to include air-conditioned office space and a dedicated pizza area.

With new clients coming on board every month, the continual improvement of the Frontier system, and bigger and better parts data, we’re pushing the envelope as we walk the cutting edge of dismantling technology.

The new additions to the team

Ksawery Wymyslo joins us as our new IT Network Engineer who is currently setting up our new servers.

Dan Tullett is our new Junior Web Developer. Specialising in websites for cows and fish, we hope to get him onto working on real websites soon.