PartShark – used parts & breaking vehicles – launch

PartShark – Used Parts & Breaking Vehicles

DH Systems has recently launched PartShark – a new website for finding used car parts, used motorbike parts and all types of breaking vehicles from the UK’s leading vehicle recyclers. The group stock from our customers is listed on PartShark for your convenience.

Find parts by number plate

One of the best features of PartShark is the ability to enter your car registration number and immediately view the parts available for your vehicle.  If the parts are not directly available on the shelf, then it’s likely the parts are available ‘on vehicle’ on a breaking vehicle.  Breaking vehicles are cars in stock that are awaiting dismantling for parts.

Browsing makes and models

If you prefer to not enter your registration number or just want to browse the parts, you can quickly find the make and model by either entering the details into the make and model search box, or by clicking through the makes and models pages.

Free text searching for parts

At any time you can simply enter a search for a parts and PartShark will autosuggest matches for you.  Once selected, the parts list will be filtered to your search criteria, making it easy to narrow down the huge selection of parts to just the ones you are interested in.

Parts requests

If you find the part you are interested in, you can click through to enquire or purchase that particular part, or if you prefer, you can enter a parts request on PartShark that will email all members and they will come back with price and availability.

Sell your car

Is your car at the end of its life?  Need to sell it quick?  Want to make sure it’s recycled safely and correctly?  Fill in the sell your car form and get a quote to sell your car to a professional regulated and approved vehicle recycling centre.

DH Systems Forum 2012 – Shark Attack

DH Systems Forum 2012 – Shark Attack

All of our customers are invited to join DH Systems at our Annual Forum, this year held at Careys Manor Hotel in Brockenhurst.

The Forum starts at 9.15am on Wednesday 18th April 2012 (day after BVFS meeting).

The topics this year include:

On the desktop

– Registration number to parts searching (and one-click searching of group stock)

– Full Integrated Touch Screen Systems (Dismantling, Packaging & Dashboard)

– New Frontier Salvage (Now is testing, demo soon)

– New Frontier Dismantling (In development, many new features inc. basket, manufacturers part numbers, linked to registration number, easy searching, pricing info)

On the web

– In house hosting (now hosting 27 sites and providing data for 4 more)

– Ongoing upgrades to latest listing styles for all web listings

– New & Improved matching parts & breakers on your own websites

– New & Improved matching parts & breakers on the auction site

– Parts listings on your own site

– Integrated shopping cart and checkout (all linked to Frontier)

– Registration number entry to find parts & breakers

– ELV / Sell you car pages (captures vehicle details and user details)

– PartShark demo and technology preview

– All new Vista system, demo and preview


DH Systems company update

– New server infrastructure (Virtualisation, failover, internet links)

– Staff update (Teams and new staff)