SCB – Edinburgh – New website now live

SCB – Edinburgh – New website now live

SCB in Newbridge near Edinburgh revealed the new website today. Designed and powered by DH Systems.

The latest update provides a much simpler and intuitive interface to find vehicles a customer is looking for. Customers are now able to enter their vehicle registration number and the website will find matching vehicles and parts.

Salvage and repairable vehicles can be viewed with prices, detailed damage descriptions and now with an extra section where the website will find all relevant breaking vehicles so the customer can find the spare parts they need directly from the detail page.

There are three levels of matching, the first is a hand selected vehicle that will provide a majority of parts to repair the salvage vehicle. SCB’s assessors have chosen this vehicle as they believe the parts will fit and are suitable for the salvage vehicle.

The second level of matching uses unique data available from DVLA which matches vehicles based on many parameters such as make, model, mark, year, engine type, gearbox type and trim level. This level of match usually chooses vehicles that are all but identical. The third level of matching selects vehicles that are as close to the year and match the make and model.

With all three sets of vehicles, SCB try to give you the best information to find the spare parts you need to repair the salvage vehicle.

On the breaking vehicle page, you are now able to filter vehicles in the traditional manor by selecting the make and model, and you are now able to type in the registration number of the vehicle you require parts for, and the system will take to DVLA in the background and retrieve the vehicle details and then find as many suitable vehicles as possible. There are up to nine levels of matching, first with exact matches down to matching make and model.

SCB have updated the ebay page to present a ‘wall’ of ebay items available and provide an easy way to get straight into the relevant ebay store.

The contact page has been updated to provide better maps to find the locations of the vehicles and present more useful information such as opening times and directions.