Registration number lookups, SalvageMarket matching – powered by DH Systems

DH Systems – the power behind The SalvageMarket and many leading vehicle websites announces the latest features coming to our customers websites.

Matching breakers on SalvageMarket
DH Systems has added a new feature to The SalvageMarket website. When a customer views a salvage vehicle, the web page makes a call to DH Systems PartShark server which searches for, and matches breaking vehicles that match exactly or are similar to the vehicle being viewed. This enables the customer to easily find parts that will fit on the salvage vehicle – so repairs and servicing can easily take place. The end result? Sell more parts, get more bids, generate higher income.

Customer websites
Entering your registration number on the website will allow you to find exact matching parts and breaking vehicles that will fit your vehicles. This takes away all the problems of finding the nearest vehicle or parts, and will allow you to find parts much more quickly than before.

With our shared database of customer data, we can match far more vehicles than anyone else, and return many more results – allowing you to find the part you need.

The next stage of the development will allow customers to sell their scrap or end of life vehicles easily, by entering the registration number and the details automatically being filled in.

Frontier desktop will be updated to allow customers to call up with only a registration number and the operator to find exact matching parts and vehicles.

PartShark – is the new website from DH Systems that allows you to search and list matching vehicles among all our customers who participate.