Silverlake Autoparts, new website – powered by DH Systems

Silverlake Autoparts

Silverlake Autoparts based in Southampton have joined the growing ranks of website powered by DH Systems.

The new website contains many vehicle pages – Salvage, Breakers, Parts, Auctions; with the data coming straight from their Frontier desktop system via our latest upload services.

DH Systems has developed the technology to allow the exporting of vehicles for sale, salvage vehicles, breaking vehicles, vehicle parts and auctioned vehicles to show directly on your website without any additional work by the users. The process is completely automated and integrates into your existing workflow.

Silverlake are the latest company to take advantage of this technology and present the information to their target audience via their new website.

The Silverlake website takes advantage of all the latest features, including interactive AJAX based salvage, breaking and parts pages – along with the latest in parts not available lists and matching parts and breaking vehicles.

DH Systems developed the vehicle parts shopping cart, so customers are able to buy parts directly on the website from Silverlake Autos. The front-end to back-end system, allows sales on the website to be directly imported into Frontier and remove the parts from stock, and pass on the messages to our other technology such as the Touch Screen Dismantling, which informs the dismantlers to remove the part from the vehicle (if required). The message is then passed onto the Touch Screen Packaging, so the part can be packed and dispatched in a timely manner.

Visit to see our latest innovations in action.

DH Systems expands with three new staff

DH Systems continues growing to meet the needs of our expanding customer base. With more and more salvage operators choosing Frontier, and more and more customers wanting high quality websites, DH Systems needs more manpower.

Kieran Aitken

Kieran joins the website development team, and was previously a research assistant at the University of Abertay. Kieran has a BSC in Web Design and Development and was a member of the UK team at WorldSkills. Kieran has a three year old boy and designs t-shirts in his spare time.

Haja Mohideen

Haja joins the Frontier desktop software development team, and was originally from India. He came to the UK to study IT and Mechatronics at Napier University. Haja previously worked in the Oil and Gas industries in Aberdeen before coming down to Edinburgh. Haja is a keen cricket player.

Huanhe Liu

Huanhe joins the Frontier desktop development team, and is originally from China. Huanhe has a degree and masters in computing from the University of Dundee. Huanhe has previously worked in telecommunications and the financial sector. Huanhe favourite colour is green.

Keep up to date with the latest progress on the DH Systems Twitter feed, and take a look at the expanding customer list at the Powered by DH Systems page.