Dave Harcourt awarded the 2011 BVSF Combellack Award

The annual award was presented to Dave Harcourt at the BVSF AGM by Alan Greenouf last year’s winner and Chairman of the BVSF.

This year the award was given for the outstanding contribution Dave has personally made to the British Salvage Industry and the on-going contribution that DH Systems has made to the member companies.

The BVSF was established at the instigation of motor insurers who required an industry representative body with which it could communicate on all matters affecting vehicle salvage. Set up on 1st July 1998 and launched by the then Minister for Roads its members represent approx. 85% of the vehicle salvage business in the UK.

DH Systems – Annual Forum 2011

This week we are hosting our annual forum for our clients, down in sunny Great Malvern. This annual event allows us direct contact with our customers, where we can share new ideas and get valuable feedback for our products.

The theme this year is ‘Powered by DH Systems’

New in-house web hosting
– Full web design services available
– Quicker, easier and fresher look
– Improved Google ranking and search engine optimisation
– “Super” sites

Common master list of makes, models and parts
– Via Glass’s data
– Registration number lookups via CarWeb
– No loss of local data, you now link to DH Systems

Touch Screen Packaging
– Keeps track of your order processing
– New dashboard for managers
– Updated Touch Screen Dismantling
– Part picking (coming soon)

Frontier Recovery
– More devices supported
– More data points collected (latest NSG check sheet specification)
– GPS tracking

DH Systems
– New website
– Support ticketing system
– Software release notes online
– Powered by section

All new Frontier Vehicle Salvage
– Coming soon

Hardware support and installations
– Dedicated hardware and tech support staff
– Hardware, software, network, server support available

Forum location
– The Abbey Hotel, Abbey Road, Great Malvern, WR14 3ET
– Wednesday 13th April 2011, starting at 10 am
– Drinks and snacks will be available
– We will be available throughout the BVSF conference to answer questions and demonstrate our products

DH Systems announces new server cloud and new operators

Utilising the latest technology and know how, DH Systems releases version one of the cloud. All customer data will immediately be put into the cloud, and our trained operators working on a three shift system will pull all the necessary levers required to keep the cloud from raining out your data. Rest assured that our trained monkeys will keep an eye on our trained lever pullers. The trained chimps will take care of the monkeys, and continue to develop the desktop software and websites in their spare time.