Hills Motors – Salvage Market

Hills Motors – themed on Salvage Market

Hills have become the latest member to receive a custom theme for the Salvage Market website. DH System has taken the look and feel of Hills’ website and produced a seamless transition from their own site to the Auction site.

A themed section of the Salvage Market website has many advantages. Firstly, your customers will be familiar with your brand and will immediately trust the Auction site, and secondly, your customers will be able to easily switch between sites if they require something from your own site.

Visit Hills Motors now at www.hills-motors.co.uk

ASM Autos – Salvage Market

ASM Autos on Salvage Market

The Salvage Market website continues to grow with new customers and members. Recently ASM Autos, the leading vehicle salvage company has been branded on the Salvage Market website.

DH Systems has taken the look and feel of their existing site, and transferred it over to Salvage Market website, so customers can continue from ASM’s own website to the auction website without leaving the ASM brand behind.

ASM Autos can be reached at www.asm-autos.co.uk

MotorHog – Salvage Market

MotorHog – Doncaster Motor Spares

MotorHog, the leading salvage auction and vehicle parts supplier, is leading the way on the new Salvage Market website with a complete customisation completed by DH Systems.

DH Systems took the design from MotorHog’s current website and made a seamless graphical transition when visitors join the Salvage Market website.

Users of 4salvage have been transitioned over to the new site, and an email has been sent to all the users with a new link and details of the new site.

Visit www.motorhog.co.uk to see for yourself

Salvage Market website launches – powered by DH Systems

DH Systems Consultancy Ltd announces the launch of the UK’s premier Salvage Auction website.

DH Systems has enabled the UK’s salvage industry to auction their salvage vehicles on a UK wide website and have introduced several new technological innovations to the online auction world.

The Salvage Market website provides access to thousands of vehicles around the country from over sixty of the leading salvage companies. A central resource for finding salvage vehicles is making it easier for potential buyers to find suitable vehicles and is providing a much larger audience for each salvage member.

It is no longer necessary to watch an auction right until the end. The new auction site provides the ability to place proxy bids, where you can enter a maximum bid, and the system will bid on your behalf up to your maximum bid. For those people who prefer to watch the auctions, the bidding page now automatically updates in real-time, so there is no longer the need to keep refreshing the page to see any changes.

DH Systems have implemented a Watch List page which allows each user to view twenty vehicles at a time, all automatically updating in real-time and giving the bidders the ability to bid on any of those vehicles.

Visit www.salvagemarket.co.uk to see for yourself.