Mobile solutions

We have a selection of mobile Apps and programs that enhance our desktop software and provide your customers with an easy mobile solution to find your vehicles and parts.

Frontier Mobile is an all-in-one app that combines our legacy apps - Frontier Stores, Frontier Imager and Frontier Yard - that lets you add parts, take photos and videos and scan barcode labels for stock checking. Frontier Signature allows signature to be taken electronically, and Frontier Recovery allows you to communicate with drivers out on jobs.

Our mobile solutions

Frontier Recovery

App that allows you to send jobs, updates and messages to drivers

Frontier Signature

App to take electronic signatures that can be used on invoices

Frontier Mobile

App for Salvage and Dismantling that lets you add parts, take photos and videos and scan labels

Frontier Imager

App for users in the yard to take photos of vehicles that are automatically uploaded to Dismantling

Frontier Yard

An app for use in yard that lets you take photos of vehicles and move the vehicles through Salvage

Frontier Stores

App that barcode scans parts to stock check which can tell you when parts are in the wrong place

VOIP & Asterisk

Phone system using wifi rather than telephone wires that allows for unlimited calls at once