Desktop solutions

Our integrated desktop solutions enable you to manage your entire salvage and dismantling operation from the convenience of your desktop. Frontier Dismantling is our solution for dismantling vehicles, allowing stock control for parts, wheels and tyres, invoicing integrated with manufacturer part numbers, reg lookups, sales, ebay stores and templates and web listings.

Frontier Salvage handles everything you'd ever need regarding salvage vehicles. You can import electronically, search for vehicles using reg lookup, check vehicles using CAP pricing and Experian checking, and you can print invoices and generate uplift reports, as well as exporting to your website or Frontier Dismantling.

Our other solutions make life easier for your staff. TSD and TSP make managing jobs in the bays simpler. Frontier Dashboard is an interface that allows managers to view and manage the status of jobs. EZ-Parts is a system developed for tracking and managing customers in the yard, and VISTA allows them to generate XMLs and manage vehicles.

EZ-Route is an app for delivery drivers that advises them of the best routes and allows you to communicate with the driver and vice versa. MyDataShark is an application displayed on status screens to let you see an overview of how the company is doing, historical graphs and comparisons with past stats and generating summary reports.

Our desktop solutions

Frontier Vehicle Dismantling

Solution for dismantling vehicles that generates invoices and is fully ebay integrated

Frontier Vehicle Salvage

Solution for salvage vehicles that can check vehicles by reg, Experian checks and CAP pricing

Frontier Touch Screen Dismantling

Touch screen displays run in dismantling bay to manage jobs

Frontier Touch Screen Packaging

Touch screen displays run in despatch bay to manage jobs

Frontier Dashboard

Interface for managers to see status of jobs

Frontier Recovery

App that allows you to send jobs, updates and messages to drivers

Frontier Signature

App to take electronic signatures that can be used on invoices

Frontier Mobile

App for Salvage and Dismantling that lets you add parts, take photos and videos and scan labels

Frontier VISTA

Online portal to manage their Frontier desktop programs and run reports

Frontier Support

Keeps you up to date with upgrades and offers the ability to contact the team for support


Touch screen system for yards to track entry and departure of customers and checking them out


Delivery app that shows drivers best routes and tracks progress to send updates to driver on job

Frontier MyDataShark

Status screens to show plot trends, comparisons and graphs of your organisation's data