Frontier Vehicle Salvage

Our complete salvage system that handles everything from uplifts through to selling, auctioning or disposal of vehicles, including insurance contracts.

Frontier Salvage is a solution for salvage vehicles that allows you to import electronically, check vehicles using reg lookups, Experian checking and CAP pricing, and offers the ability to print invoices, export to Dismantling or your website and much more


Electronic imports

Import uplifts and vehicles directly from insurance companies and agents

Registration lookup

Lookup and save accurate and cleansed vehicle data


Raise Certificate of Destructions directly in system and print immediately

Experian checks

Check the vehicle for previous categories, outstanding finance and theft

CAP pricing

Get up-to-date vehicle valuations, mileage and condition corrected

Social media posting

Post vehicles for sale to Facebook and Twitter

Send to auction

Send a vehicle directly to auction including images and video

Text messages

Send SMS messages to customers directly from the desktop

DataShark graphs

Use a screen on the wall to monitor real-time company data, compare with historical data

Insurance company contracts

System is contract aware, set rules and policies for vehicles

Links to accounts programs

System is contract aware, set rules and policies for vehicles

ELV/Uplift entry

Manually enter vehicles into the system, or import from SMC pages

Calculates charges

With contracts set up, the system calculates charges and costs

Postcode to address lookup

Quickly enter address details with postcode lookup


Hundreds of reports available to manage your business

Prints invoices

Directly prints invoices for vehicles sold from the system

Export vehicles to Frontier Dismantling

Quickly export all vehicle data to the dismantling system

Cheque printing

Prints cheques for purchasing vehicles and scrap metal

Document storage

Allows you to store customer identity documents and any scannable or electronic document in the system

Driver's check sheet

When running a fleet of trucks, allows for recording of vehicle safety checks

Links to Frontier Recovery

Directly export and import to the Recovery app to inform your drivers of jobs and import new recovery data

Exports to your website/listings

Directly send vehicle to your website

Works well with VISTA

Exports data to VISTA so your contracts and agents can view real-time information on current status

ScreenShark (Sales Screen)

Advertise your latest and greatest vehicles on a TV in your reception area

More information

Frontier Vehicle Salvage is our core back office administrative system covering every aspect of vehicle salvage. Frontier Vehicle Salvage is easy to use yet offers a wealth of features for Vehicle Salvage Operators both large and small.

  • Simple yet powerful searching
  • All information is loaded with the vehicle
  • Work on multiple vehicles simultaneously
  • Full insurance company contracts (past & present) are held allowing all invoices to be raised automatically and calculating how much vehicles should cost
  • Handles all of your VAT in line with the VAT Margin Scheme - whether the vehicles are private, commercial or leased
  • Batch re-printing of outstanding invoices enables you to effectively pursue insurance companies for all those outstanding charges
  • Batch purchasing allows you to pay for multiple vehicles with one payment saving on overheads, time and effort
  • Cheque printing
  • Scanning - any document can be directly scanned and stored with the vehicle
  • Digital Image Inspections and Re-Negs - these can be simply produced and emailed with images from within the vehicle record with just a click
  • Make offers against vehicles - if successful these will be converted into full vehicle records
  • Links to accounting systems such as Sage and Pegasus
  • Quick ELV entry screen
  • Handles international repatriations
  • Auctioning - automatically exports vehicles to all popular online salvage auctions
  • Uplift charges are now broken down into multiple categories, and uses email for authorisation
  • Notes - these are used to record everything else about a vehicle, including phone call summaries, customer contact and can pop-up automatically

Product gallery

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Our complete stock control and invoicing system fully integrated with manufacturer part numbers. Reg search, sales, invoicing, ebay, web listings, it does it all.

Frontier Signature

An Android App which captures electronic signatures at the counter to speed customer flow and store the signatures against the invoice. For both vehicles and parts sales.


A website that lists all your tyres for sale, new and part-worn, all searchable by either registration number or by size/width/radius combination.

ELV & Scrap Car feature

Our Sell My Car website service captures thousands of ELVs for our customers to process, and the latest version also prices used vehicles using industry standard pricing tools including mileage and condition adjustments.

Frontier Support

Get support & upgrades and gain access to our extensive online documentation with online video tutorials. We offer onsite and classroom training in all aspects of our products.

Website design

As our list of services continues to grow, we have expanded our services to include website design. As the world wide web continues to grow, more and more people use it as part of their daily lives and it is essential that every company large and small has a good web presence.

Frontier Recovery

An Android App that your recovery drivers use to receive jobs, updates and messages from you. Once a vehicle is recovered the data & images are beamed back to the office and available immediately in Frontier.

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