Frontier Vehicle Dismantling

Our complete stock control and invoicing system fully integrated with manufacturer part numbers. Reg search, sales, invoicing, ebay, web listings, it does it all.

The all-in-one solution for dismantling vehicles, stock control for parts, wheels, tyres, full ebay integration, SMS texting, invoicing, orders, registration number parts matching, manufacturer part numbers and listing everything on our website.


Manufacturer part numbers fully integrated

Vehicle data including part numbers loaded into the system

Sales and parts forecasting

View previous sales and demand for parts and vehicles

Registration lookup

Quickly find matching parts in the system

Parts cross matching across models/manufacturers

Using reg lookup and manufacturer part numbers, find parts common across manufacturers – match more parts in stock

Links with ECP

Stock check ECP matching parts to offer more parts to your customer

ebay compatible

Fully ebay compatible, quickly list parts directly to ebay, data loaded from your parts in stock, send photos, import orders, update ebay to status of order

Send jobs to TSD/TSP/

Send dismantling and packaging jobs directly to the shop floor when a part is ordered or needed

Send to MyDataShark

View real-time stats on your dismantling operation on a large TV screen


List parts directly onto Partshark

Frontier Signature

Take electronic signatures at your counters on a tablet

Frontier Mobile

Take Dismantling into your yard and stores, dismantle, take photos, video, stock check, move items, it does it all


Use your own delivery fleet, then arrange the most efficient delivery with EZ-Route

Invoice and complete stock control system

Handles all your stock, and invoices your customers

Customers and accounts, store discounts, details

Each customer can have an account, with payment terms and view historical purchases

Comprehensive reporting

Hundreds of reports for every department

Cash up for counter

Operates a till and receipt printer and allows the supervisors to cash up at the end of the day

Powerful customer/ invoice searching

Find previous orders and searches for customers on the phone

Send parts to ebay

Using the ebay module, send parts quickly and easily to ebay

Send parts to web

Quickly send parts to your own website listings

Automatically import order to system

When items sell, import the order directly into the system


Kits are multiple parts sold as one, or if you prefer to split a kit, you are able to


Add wheels to stock, search, list and put on ebay and your website


Add tyres to stock, search, list and put on ebay and your website

Non specific car parts

Add parts that are not specific to a vehicle – such as battery, car mats

Label printer

Print off vehicle, parts, wheel, tyres labels, sticky or tie-on

PIN coded for extra security

Each user needs to enter their PIN when making a transaction

Frontier SMS

Send SMS messages to customers and automate when events happen

Frontier TSD

Touch Screen Dismantling, send dismantling jobs to the shop floor

Frontier TSP

Touch Screen Packaging, send packaging jobs to the shop floor

Frontier Dashboard

A shop floor manager can allocate and view jobs in real-time


Send parts and vehicle to Facebook and Twitter

More information

Frontier Vehicle Dismantling is a complete stock control and invoicing system - it has been developed specifically for the vehicle dismantler with features that no other parts or dismantling system can offer.

  • Very powerful and easy to use
  • Choose between standard and pro-forma invoicing for your delivery runs
  • Generate invoices directly from parts searches and parts reservations for individual or multiple parts
  • Workshop orders - dismantling jobs are auto generated when any on-car parts are sold
  • Surcharges - store surcharges against parts and when those parts are sold the surcharge will be automatically added onto the invoice
  • Account customers - you can have these with credit limits, invoices to follow and the ability to make them inactive. There is also a one-touch facility to generate monthly statements for all account customers
  • Customers - returning customer information can be stored and viewed, and the details shared with Frontier Salvage to build up a complete customer history
  • Notes - these are used to record everything about an invoice, these can be entered manually, to store post sale conversations with the customer and/or courier. These are also created automatically as the invoice status is updated
  • Cashing up - when you cash up your tills, run the cash up facility and it will tell you what should be in your till and give you an invoice by invoice break down of where it came from
  • Supports Global and VAT accounting as well as exported goods
  • Searching for invoices - this can be done simply and quickly by invoice number, date, name, part description, etc
  • Post sale status updating with auto emailing of the customer of the status change to their order
  • Royal Mail Postcode data - there are two options, the basic option provides street level address lookup and the premium option offers additional premisis details

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Frontier Touch Screen Dismantling

For your breaking bay so your dismantling team can receive, start, stop and finish all dismantling jobs. Full reporting including time breakdowns by dismantler.

Frontier Touch Screen Packaging

For the despatch bay so your packagers can receive all parts requiring picking, packing and despatching. Full reporting including time breakdowns by packager.

Frontier Support

Get support & upgrades and gain access to our extensive online documentation with online video tutorials. We offer onsite and classroom training in all aspects of our products.

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