Frontier Touch Screen Dismantling

For your breaking bay so your dismantling team can receive, start, stop and finish all dismantling jobs. Full reporting including time breakdowns by dismantler.

This solution for dismantling vehicles lets you run it in your yard for dismantlers and allows them to receive jobs and track the time taken, as well as adding notes and generating reports


Touch screen displays

Runs on robust screens in the yard

Runs in dismantling bay

Out where the dismantlers work

Receives job from Dismantling

Jobs are sent from the desktop system

Connects to TSP

Passes successfully dismantled jobs onto packaging

Dismantlers can start, stop and finish jobs

Dismantlers log in and claim jobs as they go

When finishing jobs, parts can be individually failed

If the part is missing or damaged

Allocate jobs

Jobs can be allocated by manager, dismantlers or both depending on security settings

Dismantlers can add notes to jobs

Any useful information for the seller or customers

Colour coded

Jobs change colour if they are late or urgent

Fully PIN coded

Each user is identified in the system

The system fully tracks job times

Records start and stop times to manage your dismantlers

Generates management reports

Report on utilisation and outstanding jobs and much more

Jobs can be filtered

Users can filter to urgent, required today and certain vehicles

System allows for ad-hoc jobs

Add any non parts specific job, such as tidy bay

Provides full job information

User can drill down to get all relevant information

More information

An application that runs on robust touch screen displays that is deployed on the yard floor for quick access by your dismantlers.

  • Touch Screen Displays - for use by dismantlers on the yard floor, robust and designed for wet and chemical environments
  • Provides full job information for dismantlers and priorities
  • Dismantlers are able to start, stop, and finish jobs
  • When finishing jobs, parts can be individually failed
  • When working on a job, dismantlers can add notes to the job
  • Jobs can be allocated by manager, dismantlers or both depending on security settings
  • The TSD is fully PIN coded requiring the operator to enter their PIN for each operation
  • The system fully tracks job times including multiple start and stop times
  • Various management reports can be generated giving dismantler productivity and job summaries
  • Jobs are colour coded to show various stages of progression and to indicate priorities and late / urgent jobs
  • Jobs can be started, stopped, reassigned at any time during the job life
  • The system allows for on-demand dismantling (invoice job), scheduled dismantling (list of parts to remove) and ad-hoc jobs
  • The list of jobs can be filtered by job status, job type, and dismantler
  • Jobs can be sorted by any field, just click the column header

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