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Frontier VISTA

VISTA - an online management portal for insurance companies and councils to manage their vehicles that you collect. It allows for adding new vehicle collections with timing criteria, search and view details of vehicles (including viewing images), and run mangagment reports

Running on our webserver with links to your desktop system, VISTA keeps your customers up to date with the latest developments with their vehicles.

Key features

  • Runs on our webserver
  • Provides an easy access method for your customers to view updates on their vehicles
  • Allows for uplifts to be entered, generates import uplift XML files for the desktop system
  • Can be tweaked to meet the requirements of each company
  • Provides full vehicle details, images and information
  • Logins can be restricted to any kind of information (such as disable access to financial information)
  • Run management reports, view and print results or save as CSV file (to import into Excel, etc)
  • Designed to be secure, no need to open your own network up
  • Can be used or viewed anywhere
  • Registration number lookup makes entering vehicle details easy
  • Postcode lookup makes entering addresses easy


A quick look at VISTA in action.

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