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DH Systems has a dedicated Web development team whose goal is to provide you and your customers the best web experience possible while giving all the relevant information and generating sales leads for all your vehicles, parts and items for sale.

DH Systems developed the SalvageMarket sites on behalf of NSG. We continue to maintain and provide technical updates and assistance, and are continuing to develop new versions of the site. The auction site regularly sells 2,000 vehicles per week and attracts tens of thousands of visitors and buyers. The SalvageMarket website allows member companies to list their vehicles for sale on the site directly from our leading desktop software Frontier, which allows the easy import of vehicle data and vehicle images. Once all the important values have been entered, such as start price, reserve price and the vehicle particulars, a simple right click and the vehicle is on the way to the UK's largest Salvage Vehicle auction.


Now with over one thousand vehicles per week, and tens of thousands of registered customers, the SalvageMarket has continued to grow week on week since launch. There are sixty registered member companies with auctions each day of the week.

Complete UK coverage

Online vehicle auctions take place on the SalvageMarket website, and the vehicles are located throughout the country. All areas are covered, including England, Scotland and Wales, so there is going to be a member company near you. All vehicle locations are clearly marked, and you can typically go and view the vehicles prior to bidding on the website.

Technical implementation

DH Systems is the technical implementer of the SalvageMarket website. We provide the software and hardware to make the site work daily. The website handles many millions of pages per week, and allows customers to build up watch lists of vehicles they are interested in and watch the auction countdown.

The most exciting innovation on the SalvageMarket site is the instant bidding process. When customers are logged in and viewing vehicles on the site, when one customer bids on a vehicle, the display of all the other customers updates, typically in less than one second. This allows for customers to see what is going on with a vehicle immediately, and allows the customers to bid against each other and view the results of their bid almost immediately.

Technical brief

The system runs using AJAX controls, that allows the page to update without the need for the customer to constantly refresh the page. The watch list page, allows a customer to bid on and manage up to twenty vehicles at a time, all updating within one second of a bid being placed. Immediate feedback allows customers to make informed and accurate bids against vehicles they are interested in. Auto extend is a new feature that automatically adds a few seconds to the end of a vehicle auction ending time, if a bid is received in the last few seconds. This evens out the field of bidders, and stops the last microsecond bidding that can affect the end of an auction.

The site has been thoroughly tested with most modern browsers, and is continuously monitored and checked for any unusual activity. Members have access to pages which allow them to monitor their auctions in real-time and block / delete any unusual bidders they see.

Upon the vehicle ending, a series of events is triggered. The vehicle bidding is immediately checked and the timestamp of all bids is assessed. Once the highest bidder has been established and the bid is above the reserve price of the vehicle, the system generates a PDF invoice document with instructions of how to pay and where the vehicle is located. Each member can have a customised PDF with their specific terms, logo and details on it. The system then emails the document to both the customer and seller, and attaches an XML file to the sellers email which can then be directly imported into their desktop system to generate a sale.

Custom themes, templates and more

DH Systems have the ability to customise many aspects of the SalvageMarket website for the members. Each member has a separate sub-domain which allows them to link to their own vehicles and share vehicles from other members. Part of the customisation is the look and theme of the website. With a full customisation, we take the members current website and generate a seamless transition from their own site to the SalvageMarket site. Most customers will not notice they are on a different site at all. More simple customisation involves a simple logo at the top, or some customers prefer not to customise at all.

The future

As the SalvageMarket continues to grow in size and popularity, DH systems is tasked with keeping the site running smoothly and we are constantly responding to customer and member feedback with new features and tweaks to existing features.

Key features

  • Hundreds of sellers, all independently adding and auctioning their own vehicles
  • Vehicles are uploaded automatically from Frontier Salvage
  • Real-time bidding system, current price is updated automatically without the need to refresh the page
  • Watchlists enable users to view their selected vehicles on one page
  • Bidding buttons allow for quick bidding in the dying seconds of an auction
  • Auto-extend automatically adds 15 seconds to the end of an auction to stop any last second bids
  • Supports 1000s of concurrent users
  • Comprehensive management pages to run reports, manage vehicles, etc

Online Auction gallery

A selection of screenshots of SalvageMarket in use.

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