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DH Systems has a dedicated Web development team whose goal is to provide you and your customers the best web experience possible while giving all the relevant information and generating sales leads for all your vehicles, parts and items for sale.

PartShark is our shared vehicle parts exchange site. As a member of PartShark you can have your parts listed, all searchable by registration number, or if your customer prefers to drill down by browsing - with all the relevant information displayed. Customers can click through to your own site or purchase parts directly from the site using PayPal. We continue to add new features all the time and have recently added customer feedback for parts purchased from the site using PayPal.

Key features

  • Registration number searching - shows matching parts and breakers
  • Part matching is graded into Specific and Similar matches
  • Breaker matching is graded into Specific and Similar matches
  • Browse to make / model / series if you prefer
  • Autosuggesting search predicts what you are going to type into the search box
  • Buy priced parts directly off the site using PayPal
  • Simple intuiative design, shows parts and breakers and all the relevent information
  • Add alerts for vehicles, parts and breakers - sends out daily or hourly update emails when parts become available
  • Sell My Car - offers scrap pricing by weight to all the participating member depots
  • Parts request page - users can requested wanted parts that they can't find on the site
  • Shared site for DH Systems' customers, automatically reorders parts randomly each night to keep the listings fair
  • Parts and breakers are listed by match quality and purchase status above anything else
  • Data can be shared on other sites such as SalvageMarket matching Parts and Breakers service
  • Mobile and Tablet Apps now available for iPhone, iPad, Android Phones and Android Tablets.
  • Click through to members own site, or take enquiries direct on PartShark.
  • Builds up quality Google friendly backlinks to your own site and content

PartShark Gallery

A selection of PartShark features in operation.

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