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DH Systems has a dedicated Web development team whose goal is to provide you and your customers the best web experience possible while giving all the relevant information and generating sales leads for all your vehicles, parts and items for sale.

Not only can Frontier Dismantling automatically upload your parts to eBay, we can offer a full eBay customisation service. Why not make your eBay shop look and feel like your corporate branding.

An essential package that allows quick and easy export of parts straight onto eBay and when parts are sold your stock is reduced and invoices generated automatically in Frontier Dismantling

Key features

  • Fully integrated into Frontier Vehicle Dismantling
  • Allows sending of parts to eBay, simply by right clicking and selecting Send to eBay
  • Full closed loop system, when something is sold on eBay and marked as paid by the purchaser, your Frontier system is updated with the sale details and an invoice is raised, the part is removed from stock
  • When sending parts to eBay, you can choose to add descriptions, set postage, send existing photos, set the photo order and change any details
  • Reach a much wider audience, and easily sell to the general public
  • Provide your own terms and conditions

eBay Gallery

A selection of eBay integrations and shops in operation.

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