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VoIP Telecoms Systems

Voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) telecoms systems used to be regarded as a thing of the future; a dream that won't be fulfilled soon. That's all changed now, and we at DH Systems are able to offer you a VoIP telephone system that is cheaper, easier, and more adaptable than any standard telephone system.

With a standard telephone system, you need to have a separate line for each simultaneous call you want to make; you need to get specialist cabling hooked up; you need to have an engineer come in and set it all up for you. With VoIP, none of that is true. Some of the benefits you'll receive are:

  • Unlimited simultaneous calls
  • Unlimited extensions
  • Plug-and-phone setup: start making calls on a new extension within five minutes
  • Integrated global phonebook
  • Conference calls
  • Personal voicemail inboxes

So what is it?

A VoIP-based phone system uses your internet connection instead of dedicated telephone wires to place calls. This means that you can make any number of simultaneous calls without running out of lines - the only obstacle is how many employees you have.

Because your phones are connected over the internet, that means you can connect extensions in other locations to your phone system as well. Want an extension in your home office, and one at work? Want to dial an office extension from your smart phone? Have two or more sites around the country? All this and more is well within the specifications of the system.

As an example, one of DH Systems' employees lives and works in Finland but we can now transfer you to him with the press of a button without any extra charges for crossing international borders.

But what does it cost?

Compared to your current phone bill? Next to nothing. You pay a low fee to a VoIP provider which routes your calls through the internet for a fraction of the cost. Because you don't need your dedicated phone lines any more, you don't have to pay those hefty line rental fees either.

Calls between your extensions are free - no matter where in the world those extensions are.

Obviously if your internet connection requires a phone line, you will need to keep one available for that, but without the phone call charges, the costs still drop dramatically.

So what's the catch?

You'll need to replace your existing phone hardware, and there'll be some retraining needed for your staff. You'll also need a reliable high-speed internet connection. Other than that, the only difficulty is telling your phone company you've found somewhere cheaper.

How do I get it?

Call us on 0131 334 7515 or send us an email and we'll discuss options with you.