Frontier is licensed on a per seat basis. This means that you are required to purchase one license for each machine on which you want to run the software. The cost of a license is a one off fee after which you own the license, however, licenses are not transferable and cannot be re-sold. Please contact us for an up-to-date quote for your exact requirements.

Frontier packages

  • Frontier Vehicle Salvage license: £1,600 (per computer)
  • Frontier Vehicle Dismantling license: £1,600 (per computer)
  • Combined Frontier Vehicle Salvage & Dismantling (on the same computer) license: £2,600
  • A single server full site license (Frontier Vehicle Salvage & Dismantling on unlimited PCs): £27,000
  • Data transfer and upgrades (usually takes one or two days): £varies
  • Installation fee: £500 per day

Support packages

  • Support is optional, and is charged on an annual basis
  • Single user annual support package: £1,000 p.a. (per computer, for a single user)
  • Multi-user annual support package (price is per license): £600 p.a. (per computer, for more than a single user)
  • Full site license: £7,500 p.a. (covers unlimited amount of computers)
  • Work for supported clients, per hour: £120, per day: £900

Web hosting (annual fees)

  • £2,000 basic vehicle listings (£3,000 for large users – large being more than a combined 1,000 vehicles listed) – this includes your annual freshen up (includes free listing on PartShark)
  • £2,000 basic parts listings (£4,000 for large users – more than 10,000 parts listed) (includes free listing on PartShark)
  • £1,000 secure e-commerce, full on-line shopping basket, user accounts, etc. (additional one-off set-up fee required)
  • £F.O.C. PayPal one-click buy-it-now checkout for web parts (one-off initial setup fee of £1,000)
  • £500 PartShark Standard Listings - Include your Parts & Breakers on our PartShark site (free if you already have one of our other web listings)
  • £500 Upgrade to PartShark Pro Listings - add PayPal one-click buy-it-now checkout to your Web Parts on PartShark
  • £1,000 SalvageMarket matching Parts & Breakers against Auction Vehicles
  • £2,000 VISTA system (additional one-off set-up fee required)
  • £200 Website alert emails for Parts & Breakers (allows customers to add email alerts for items matching their criteria, also requires initial setup fee of £1,000)
  • £150 website hosting fee (web traffic only, no https)
  • £500 secure website hosting fee (https traffic, does not include cost of certificate which you need to supply)

Web hosting (one off fees)

  • £1,000 'Sell my car' feature for your own website (includes listing on PartShark Sell my car) - includes ability to automatically import into Frontier
  • £1,000 Livezilla live-chat on your own site (Customer must buy appropriate license they require from Livezilla ~€70 to €900 depending on number of users)
  • £1,000 Wordpress for adding / editing news stories / latest offers on your own site
  • £1,000 PayPal one-click buy-it-now checkout for web parts

Web design packages

  • We are able to offer hosting, support and website design and integration. Price varies and depends on your requirements.
  • All packages include Metadata fiddler, EU Cookie Compliance, HTML & CSS Validation, Google Analytics, Email queue system
  • If you are a user of Frontier, we can automatically upload most of your vehicles, parts and information to your website without any human intervention


Extras and options

  • eBay annual fee (includes set-up and template): £2,000 p.a.
  • Registration number lookups (vehicle entry, parts search desktop & web): £varies
  • Postcode data, per computer, basic (gives street level address) from: £150 p.a., premium (gives additional premises info): £300 p.a. (substantial discounts are available for multiple computers)
  • Auction bidders package license: £5,000
  • Stand alone auction package license: £20,000
  • Touch Screen Dismantling (TSD), Touch Screen Packaging (TSP) and Dashboard: £1,000
  • Frontier Recovery per vehicle processing fee: £0.30
  • Frontier Sales Screen: £1,800
  • Frontier Yard: £500
  • WiFi Stock Control: £1,000


  • Industrial and washable touch screen display unit 19 inch version: £650
  • Receipt printer: £185 (USB Version; includes installation; does not work on terminal server users)
  • Cash drawer unit (requires receipt printer): £50
  • DataLogic Memor Barcode scanner unit with WiFi: £600, and cradle: £75 (includes installation)
  • Zebra label printer (model S4M with NIC): £650 (includes installation)
  • Labels for Zebra printer (adhesive or tie-on-tags) per box: £300 (approx. 11,000 labels per box)


  • All prices exclude VAT
  • Prices are in Pounds Sterling
  • Prices are subject to change without notice
  • Prices are indicative, contact us for a quote that matches your specific requirements
  • To run our software, you will need a suitable computer system that matches our system requirements
  • Prices last updated June 2013