Mobile solutions

Frontier Stores

A mobile application that allows quick and easy barcode scanning of parts for stock control. Required a specialist barcode scanner device.

Frontier Stores can be replaced by Frontier Mobile for users of the latest version of Frontier Dismantling.


  • A mobile barcode scanner with built in display screen, allowing wireless access to parts and location data in your premises
  • Locate parts simply by scanning the location and then the parts to put away in that location
  • Identify any part with a simple scan of its ticket
  • Comments and factor numbers can be added once a part is identified
  • Allows for simple stock checking, scan the location and scan the parts, the system ties up location and part information automatically, and displays which parts are missing or in the wrong location
  • Multiple users and multiple scanners can be used at the same time
  • Barcodes are printed from Frontier Dismantling for use on individual parts and storage locations

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